The secrets of Esther: Part III

Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

It’s about thinking of GIVING. It’s the kindness that connects, resembling the PURE SOURCE. That is the INTEGRAL PEACE, the maximum vibration that makes everything dance.

We come from there, from hiding into the discovery. Names of the Creator are placed throughout the book.

Likewise it happens in this world. There are things we don´t see… and we need to tell them to open the eyes of those who don´t see that light… REVELATION.

The Creator reveals by hiding, and sometimes by hiding, he reveals. The same happens for each of us.

It is only through stories we can reveal ourselves… There are dynamism, characters, situations…

And is in every book, reading letters, words or sentences (with analogies, poetry, symbols) make us reach a deeper, inner understanding.

That is the great journey of the soul of each one… Looking inside there the light which response to the existence of ourselves and others… An approach to the origin…

Therefore, Hebrew gives us its wealth of letters, gradually showing everything. In Hebrew, WORLD (OLAM, עולם) also means concealment.

So if we focus on the world’s surface, we will just see aimless chaos, but when we see it with the Word, we appreciate the LIGHT and receiving… It’s to dis-COVER the purposes.

This material world is just full of feelings, challenges, etc. but doesn’t know that other High World… where everything is possible, perfect, eternal and real.

We are revealing along with many other storytellers.

Picture: Freepik
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