Wine experience: Part I

Wine Experience: Part I

Local stories of Tzfat, Israel

Don´t forget to visit the three local wine shops!, a person wrote to our email yesterday.

We won´t! Of course!, we answered.

Today, walking we forgot the message. We walked aimlessly, seeing something calling for our attention…

Funny! Precisely we went to the correct path. Unknowingly and guided by some invisible hand, we arrived to the birthplace of wine.

At our first stop we spoke with the owner of Tzfat Winery. As we tasted its wine, we asked questions…

— What do you know about the book of splendor (Zohar)?

— It is very deep. I cannot tell. There are many layers. Soul connections. What I know is that man studies its secrets. Man represents the sun, i.e., light. The woman represents the moon and receive the light of the man. So, that’s how secrets come out.

— And what do you know about the Messiah’s coming?

— He is here! In Tzfat… But I cannot say more. Better talk to the Rabbi (he gave us a phone number). He knows. Tell him that I recommended to you.

— Thank you, very special.

— With pleasure. Enjoy gently. You are very fortunate to be in this place at this time. See, look, walk and feel.

Author: Christy
My Citadel News

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