The ladder of prayer

Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

The prayer is called “ladder”, “the ladder of prayer.” The ladder has four steps corresponding to the spiritual worlds: Asia-Action, Yetzira-Formation, Beria-Creation, Atzilut-Emanation. We go from world to world as we pray.

If I pray with the explanation of the words, understanding the literal meaning and intent of the heart, as a simple Jew who speaks to the Creator, I am in the world of Asia, I am rectifying the world of action in prayer.

When I go another step, another world, we begin to feel how the letters I speak really live, and also join. And every letter that connects to the next is as the marriage of the bride and groom, and this is a wonderful pleasure. It is the vitality and pleasure by the union of the letters, combination of letters. This means that I am now in the world of Formation.

When I rise more, all my word vanishes inside the letters of thought, to the point that I no longer feel I’m talking, but only that there is an inner, spiritual flow; then I am in the World of Creation.

Then there is something greater than this, when I arrive to the absolute nothingness, the nothing real, where all senses are canceled, there is only G-d. So I am in the world of Atzilut.

Source: Itzjak Ginsburgh, Instituto Gal Einai de Israel
Picture: Freepik
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