A big family

Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

Some people think of people as if they were cars on a highway: each with its own origin and destination, relating to others only to negotiate lane changes and turns. For cars, closeness is danger, loneliness is freedom… And for us?

People are not cars. Living things are needed, they strengthen each other, share their destiny and achieve them together. When we are alive, closeness is warmth and loneliness is oppression.

People belong to families. Families establish communities. Communities are the many colorful people of the world. And all those people form a single, magnificent body, with one soul called humanity.

Some divide this body into six billion fragments and roll back into a single mass. They want each person to do their thing in their own way and at the same time deal with each individual on the planet. They see no difference between people.

But we are like extended leaves from twigs branching larger twigs on branches of larger branches until we reach the trunk and roots, common to all of us.

Each person has its place in the tree of life, its source of strength and trust in this tree for their very survival.

None of us walk alone. Each one of us carries the experiences of ancestors wherever he goes, along with his troubles, his traumas, his victories, his hopes and aspirations. Our thoughts grow from his thoughts, our destiny is shaped from his goals.

At the highest peak we reach, they are there, holding our hand, pushing us upward, providing the shoulders on those who stand. And we share those shoulders, that sense, that heritage with all the brothers and sisters of our people.

That’s why our own people are so important. If we want to be at peace with anyone else in the world, we must start with our own brothers and sisters. For that you must find peace within yourself. And only when you find it, you can help us find peace for the whole world.

Every Jew is a brother or sister of a large family of many thousands of years. Where a Jew walks, there walk sages and martyrs, heroes and heroines, legends and miracles, all the path leads us back to Abraham and Sarah, the first two Jews who challenged the world with their ideals.

Walk the shreds, blood and audacity of millennia with him, the legacy of those who lived, yearned and died for a world to come, a world the way it was meant to be. Their fate is our fate. They are satisfied with us. In each of us and all of us together. For us it is that we are one.

When a Jew does an act of kindness, all our hands extend with it. If a Jew falls, we all stumble. If one suffers, we all feel pain. When one rejoices, we all feel happy. In our unit we find our destiny and our destiny is to be one. We are one body, breathing with a single set of lungs, throbbing with one heart, driving in one sense of right.

We are one. Let it be with love.

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Picture: Freepik
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