Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

Some say that in the coming years, people will suffer terribly from boredom… It will be a disease that will win greater intensity.

Experts like John Eastwood define boredom as “an aversive state of desire, but being unable to participate in satisfactory activities”.

Of course that would bring sociological, political and mental consequences… If stress is already one of the leaders in ending many lives… boredom could become just as dangerous.

Boredom emphasizes on people who look like the living dead, to put it in some way. There is a vacuum experience that can not be explained.

Some do not even realize it. It just happens. Every day they live with boredom, as if it were already a way of life, rooted in the DNA.

But there are others who realize it… and instead of seeing it as a threat, they take the opportunity to creatively accomplish great feats.

There is an urge to explore… but we should be careful not to take risks that cause damage.

Boredom may finally be drawing attention to more pronounced symptoms as the true purpose of life of every human being.

What do you think of boredom? How have you dealt with it?

Picture: Freepik
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