What does tikkun means?

Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

Some people say that it means TO REPAIR and others say that it means RECTIFICATION. In simple words it means: TO FIX.

What to fix? FIX everything… but with help from above. Much of our world is messy… but not broken. It is pell-mell…

Why are we here? The Creator desires that we can find the pieces to bring harmony, stability and beauty to this world.

We have materials in a natural state, creativity and passion to FIX and make everything completely new.

For this we can use art in all its forms… but sometimes we forget and we were looking down… instead of focusing upward.

We are the partners of the Creator to help Him in this beautiful project. And everything we experiment, even without finding an answer, is being guided to help our SOUL BE FIXED.

So, the tikkun gives us meaning in every struggle, hope in the battles and love on our journey. Pain allows us to repair His creation.

We are the last generation in exile. The last sparks are emerging and final preparations are being achieved to bring the world should be. But we cannot stay within four walls. The world is waiting for our whole essence and being…

Based on: Chabad.com
Picture: Freepik
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