Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

Normally when we wake up in the morning, we return once again to carry our “hard disk” with the same concerns and anxieties of hours ago when we were getting ready to sleep. But does it help? It helps us to plunge back into the maelstrom of messy and stressful thoughts to load our new day with the same heavy impositions of yesterday and again to feel worried, tense, sad and nostalgic, and in the worst case, lost in a irremediable melancholy… So, it is necessary at this point to ask: does it help? Does it succor to tighten our body again and fill our head of the same? Think…

We can be aware of this and make our day (hour by hour) a happy, peaceful and serene time, full of new opportunities. We can open our minds to thoughts, new desires that allow us to recover the peace that we have. Our awakening every morning must be full of energy, thanking the Creator for giving us another day. Surely He gives it to use it and to start the morning. Not with torrents of tears and with seas of worry and sadness, but contrary, filled with abundant desire to live the experience of a new day. A day where the sun illuminates us with hope and sweet rays also blinks in our souls and makes us shine. The suffering and sorrow left behind, in the infinite past that can no longer reach and better leave him alone, without inviting him to return. And does it help? Help us bring the past to the present?

We can see the future with optimism because every act we perform is a brick that builds every second of our day. If we become aware of it, if we order our thoughts and awake in the morning with that pristine desire to make this a better day, we will have won a battle, and if at least for one day we can be victorious, we can do it a second and a third day… and so on, pointing, with effort, a victory in this fight, in this wild and unequal battle we have every day with ourselves.

Life must be approached with optimism, very much wanting to do things well, thanking every morning for this new opportunity given to us to make it better every day. And how should we cope with everyday events? With the smile of a winner and the bearing of a conqueror. Every time we are attacked by negative thoughts or unedifying and ungrateful memories, let us ask the question: does it help? Surely we will have an aid and relief to the day’s battle.

Author: Gabriel Cordero
Picture: Freepik
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