Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

Fantasy is that higher dose of imagination. It is the mental faculty we awaken to start living longings.

With sensitivity in action, we alter reality to help that noble ideas fall in love with everyone. It is artistic creation.

We seek to distort the ugliest features of our personality to replace them with virtues that have always existed deep within us, in the blood itself.

Fantasy is our instrument of change. It is the great force that allows correcting every detail of this worn, tired and routine world.

This big sister is always involved in the creative process. It leads us to possibilities and design responses for each challenge. It is inexhaustible. It is a jewel.

Without it human knowledge would not be possible. It is part of our brain. Our right. With it we find freedom and happiness.

Fantasy helps us to to be like children, unashamed to invent. You may not make any reservation to use it. It is unlimited and always available.

Picture: Freepik
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