Electromagnetic field

Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

There is an energy field that completely surrounds the body… It’s a magnetism that constitutes the balance in this whole Earth … balancing ourselves with UNITY.

The imbalance only comes when the movement is off… but our thoughts can change the vibrations to create the reality we desire.

No lies… Others have brought them to abandon the beautiful meaning of life… The truth is that the timing of thought slightly consents us, loves us, reminds us of that beautiful space we are in, that many wish to be filled with.

Everything begins to organize, like every person in our way knows and understands our internal composition. There we see how all those sensations become the inspiration of one and many.

Everything changes, moves, teaches us, drives us, gives us freedom… All this and more happens when our electromagnetic field ceases to be ourselves.

Then the perceptions come… Those that make us dance between two worlds: one that sounds familiar, with obsolete codes, which are losing interest because it is collapsed, dirty, empty… And another in which little by little, we give the welcome…

We do not know a lot about this new space. It seems unreal but it is approaching, bringing new life, new love, new passions… It is the new home.

If we tune our electromagnetic field, we tune our light carriage called: Merkabah…

Picture: Freepik
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