Emissaries of light

Picture: Vecteezy

Picture: Vecteezy

When we have a vision, our greatest desire is to communicate it with urgency and passion. It is to speak from the heart and make it feel it in the soul of many others.

How to unite and remove the divisions? How to realize the vision of adults with flames of children?

That has been the aspiration of thousands of souls with different professions, located in multicolored cities, with substances of joy, in and outside.

There the adventure of the heart starts, looking for a world full of kindness, destroying fears and removing the suffering…

Redemption, as is well known, is that harmonious note music awakened in the Universe.

It is the synchronization of events flowing from the unit of some people that have involved some others to inspire and return to the “walk for life” with instruction.

Thanks to many, called emissaries, the desire has grown with various initiatives around the world.

An emissary don’t abandon their dreams, desires, talents or life project… but used in every mission, every mental, physical or emotional action, very deep, inside their personality and full creativity.

Picture: Vecteezy
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