Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

Together we walked. Together we survived. Together we awakened others. Yes! Poetry, technology, creation. Only they know us as two: techno-poetry, because we are already creating itself.

We have always thrown experiences, enhancing sensitivity in hearts. We are also called techno-poetic, or in simple language, technological poetry.

So changes have come… looking for our more technical part, without losing our romanticism. They have opened us another space, more digital.

Our language seems to keep certain characteristics, although other letters have been cut or added… They say everything goes fast and we need to reach “what we came for”.

The great thing is that the technology is like a machine that provides certain tools… but a machine without feelings…

There poetry begins to live, to give life and color to these technical spaces that sometimes seek artificial language.

Together we complement each other, with endless possibilities for routes that want to mix, show or spell… We produce semantic forms with associations and dimensions to create love.

Picture: Freepik
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