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We were doing balance exercises, and on the first attempt, we lost balance. On a second attempt, too. On the third, more or less, but always we ended up on the floor. This happened with the fourth and fifth day of the week, the seventh day of that a bit strange month, of the year and the years, of the past and present very present, or present almost past…

What do we know! It was not easy. Gravity was not easy. You will not believe it, but seriously whenever we concentrated the eyes at one point to “focus”, we thought of gravity. We looked at the feet and legs, sometimes the face and we said: GRAVITY STAY! LEG, TAKE IT EASY! ARM, TAKE IT EASY! Stop making ugly faces. Push the floor. Sometimes it worked… but, what hot and heartbreak!

The point is that this EQUILIBRIUM happens in the same way with the speaking and listening. How many times we put it in the middle? That’s why everything is so divided and polarized, because we are not trying. Communication skills cannot be “practiced”.

There are no excuses for serious, inspirational, good, compassionate conversations, where we let the connection flow forever. There are no excuses! We just have to focus completely on the person, without distractions. Make a type of interview. Ask and show interest in the content. Nullify ourselves. Let it flow without control on subjects. Naturalness is the prettiest of being.

Disappointments, misunderstandings or clashes come just because we want to talk. Silence! That is the practice that we adopt in us. To listen more. Conversations are not promotional or control spaces, are learning spaces and interest on the other. Sometimes we will lose balance… but we continue practicing. GRAVITY, OBEY!

Picture: Freepik
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