Your flame


Picture: Freepik

Right now, at this present moment. Yes! And deep in our souls as well.

The oxygen of sobriety and kindness always wanted to conquer us… but only now the memory has been commissioning to unite those routes that had changed their position.

It is a potential that unites us as passionate or spiritual adventures. It’s the step and dancing that you do above, between the walls of this area and beyond concepts. You move and tell us how.

It’s not our creations or compositions… It’s not like that! You guide our fingers and whisper in the neurons of life.

You sit there with your coffee or tea and embrace us with the same links of genetic transmissions and instructions.

The model or project (as you like to call it) is up, and at the same time it’s down on the top of our body… there in the mind…

Of course they are like a single entity! The only limited and personal description we can give is this: “it’s a kind of architectural projection burning the chest. Very strong! This is seen till you throw sparks in the belly”.

Picture: Freepik
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