We are a sigh

We are a sigh

Picture: Freepik

We changed our BEING for something we could not even describe… It’s like we changed NORTH. Immediately we did everything in ACCELERATION mode.

We went here and there, moving very fast, our brain was going in an impressive speed, our body was worn and our SOUL cried out for some reason, but we did not understand its language.

Until one day we sat alone in the room, closed our eyes, tried to slow down and started to LISTEN for the first time… We realized that every day, each of us breathes about 26,000 times… but most of the time we are breathing from the CHEST and not from the DIAPHRAGM.

When does it happen? When we are stressed, worried, or when we move. Some experts say that we take about 20 breaths per minute, when perhaps it should be 4 or 6. They also say that 99% of our energy should come from breathing, but we’re just picking up 10 or 20% of that energy.

We are really locked in, busy in life… In that way, who will really think about breathing? We are so focused on other things and we do not see the value, do not enjoy the small but great details of which we could be grateful.

So we started thinking about the BREATH and remember that the great name of G-d in its original language, in Hebrew, are the same sounds of the breath: Yud, Hei, Vav, Hei… This made us transport ourselves to the moment of our creation… right there where the breath of life was blown on us.

It’s that beautiful. Our life is a SIGH… In every breath, we breathe the name of G-d… and the same G-d. And in that breath we find our essence, our BEING… That breath flows in you who is reading this, in the person you are going to interact with, in the person sitting in the bus and in every encounter you have with your family. Look!

When we realized this a few years ago, we started writing… Something pushed us to do it… We did it every day… as gratefulness in the midst of situations that we did not understand and as a project of life. That’s how My Citadel News was born, but we understood that it was not just My Citadel… but also Your Citadel and Our Citadel.

So we woke up from those forgotten worlds, overshadowed by the routine… We left this world and arrived to another… to a world that come to life… We became real STORYTELLERS to capture every detail that sometimes goes unnoticed and so express it in words, feelings and internal changes. We wanted to make a better version of ourselves!

Although we have tried to internalize this message many times… this time it was different… At the end we pronounce words of motivation… we began to look at each person with love.

From there we proposed something: smile and dedicate to meet and talk more with the people we will have contact in our lives. To marvel at the great stories of their SOULS. Once again, we have decided to make it part of a lifestyle… rather… our LIFE PROJECT.

Remember that every time we slow down, we become aware that it is for each inhalation and exhalation that we are still living, moving, breathing… G-d is our breath. We are a SIGH.

Picture: Freepik
My Citadel News


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