Mr. Coffee

It is not to because it’s Israel or the Mount of Olives, but we have to say: FOR NOW THIS WAS THE BEST COFFEE WE HAVE EVER DRUNK.

We were testing thousands of coffees everywhere, but this was special for us… We cannot forget that feeling. We cannot exactly describe it.

If only we could record those feelings to share. It was like creamy, more than delicious. Really we do not know its extreme composition, but we thank God for having it in our palate…

We hope to meet again soon with that creamy texture, not bitter, different, soft and full of FLAVOR which adheres to the rest of life. Something out of place…

It was coffee, just the coffee… Perfect measures that made it unique. We apologize for not being able to make a better description. Excuse us, but only after drinking it, we realized its graceful walk… and yet… we have not assimilated it.

Mr. Coffee! You have a very passionate, stylish and praised flavor. For sure you have another time to fill us with your risky strokes.

Picture: Gloriana Quesada
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