Tallinn, Estonia. Personal travel

Tallinn, capital of Estonia… There is much to say, but the words that really matter are those EXPERIENCED in the flesh, so that others can also EXPERIENCE the reading.

The trips are particular and will always have a different emphasis when you glance at the stories of each “storyteller”… When you can also find some commonalities…

For us it was like entering into a fairytale… To enjoy details that changed the whole picture and challenged the heart… It was to enjoy every corner and human energies that smiled when they watched the sun color the town.

The local rain started when we got out of the cruise… but it stopped… without pressure… guiding us to this medieval place. This always has something that catches. We can imagine all the possibilities of a surreal sweetness in the midst of what others call reality…


And there are always elements that touch the heart (apart from the picturesque architecture), those moments of a great coffee with people you love. It was invaluable… And what about the color hats produced by the people? Definitely it was to feel a very clear representation of ourselves…

There was another magical space featured by the ALMONDS… Nutrients, antioxidants, control blood sugar, cholesterol lowering?… None of this went through our minds… We just wanted to live! We just wanted to enjoy everything!

We walked near a known place. There was a well-known little car in the area. It was like imagining a scene from a movie… Having tested these good and warm almonds, coverd with cinnamon… Now that was priceless! We could not go home without buying a little package to imagine again in Tallin at the return of our trip.

These moments are made up of small vibrations in the environment that weave those great moments together. Tallinn is the medieval city of the XIV-XVIII centuries, declared World Heritage… She still captivates every visitor who believes in the beauty of the stories, love, art… That same: HERITAGE…

Semillas de Estonia

My Citadel News


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