From perfection to courage

De la perfección a la valentía.jpg

In many areas of society some teach people to get the maximum score, as a sign of perfection to be reached.

This logic of thinking only encourages fear, distrust, shyness and other created sensations… If people fail in one aspect they fail in all.

But gradually, the pedestal of perfection has been falling apart because some souls have understood that it is not a matter of finding the integrity or completeness at the expense of the expectations… of others or ourselves.

It is here where the courage comes to sweep those other forms that have been established almost as methods. Courage is a more human way to teach, to interact, to learn, to operate.

Courage allows us to open ourselves without fear, make a query, a comment, an idea, show others that we are struggling to create better versions… but without control or force.

The difference lies in learning encoding and decoding, i.e., a process of polishing and climbing, to find the garbage and sweep, cleaning (in present continuous) and facing our internal characters…

All this is: to value and feel loved, not because “our” perfection DOES NOT exist, but because of our courage to overcome and search for better methods to survive and continue.

Picture: Freepik
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