Great wonders


To study them or not…  It’s the simple fact of thinking about them. We are surprised by their great performance. They are our own representation. They contain files of each of our stages of life, which sometimes we have access to… and when we don’t… more advanced ways arrive at those unsearchable spaces we did not even know existed…

The brain and heart love each other, talk, challenge, wonder, doubt, they work together, as a metaphor and as matter. They are alive and are always seeking each other. They are electricity and magnetism, acquiescing dreams of one and many. They always undertake to walk into the light of life.

Beauty is inside both, with the great privilege of exploring… That is the manifestation of love to find and remove blockages, to find the best experiences to resurrect the BEING and the DOING of people: souls, humans. It is the desire to build each way to make a better internal city and then materialize it in this world… OUR GREAT CITY.

Picture: Design by Freepik from*
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