We can become younger if we make changes in our minds… Many experts still find clues about the great power that provides positive thoughts… No! We cannot see two separate entities. Mind and body are ONE, but they forgot it and began having relationship and communication problems. Part of our life project is to put them together as ONE.

If the mind plays its part, it would help rejuvenate the body and so we would be making better versions of ourselves. The experiences we bring to life are just a collection of words or ideas that we were picking at some point. With this we might think that stress is not caused by events, but by the views we create about these events, as the philosopher Epictetus said.

What if we take this as a game? Why do we care about everything instead of observing and internalizing good experience? Do we depend just on this moment? Our current life is not a last chance, it’s just full of scenes we bring, as when we are in a play… we interpret scenes, but they are not real.

The evils only look out when there is room for unconsciousness. Everything is evolving naturally and when that consciousness will be more visible, the mind-body relationships will be successful, and therefore also the relationships with other human beings. The ego still plays in the big leagues and we need to beat it to help the SOUL shine for the eternity.

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