The child and the ashes

El niño y la ceniza.jpg

A nice anecdote that happened in Costa Rica…

— It’s raining ashes in San Jose, we tell to our friends dancers.

— Really? And in Paraíso of Cartago?, a frightened child asked suddenly. He was at the academy.

— We do not know. Why?

— Because my cousins live there, he answered shocked and pretending to pray.

— Calm!, the wind goes to San Jose, Heredia and elsewhere…

— Heredia? That’s weird! It’s far.

— Good question. We do not know.

— What if there is no wind?

— Yes, there is.

— What if the morning will be sunny and without wind? The ashes will fall.

— No! No! We call the wind.

— So, DO we make WIND with VENTILATORS?

After this comment all the dancers started to laugh. It was certainly a nice afternoon to dance.

Picture: Freepik
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