The happy brain

El cerebro feliz

Our brain can reveal great things every time we react to different moments of life: to the traffic, the lines in the bank, meetings with people, heavy afternoons, etc. But what to do with various events? Do we ignore the negative? Do we strengthen the positive? Do we remain positive and address the negative?

Neuroscience experts were studying the amygdala for a long time, a small almond (so to speak), located in the deep brain and acquiescent to varied emotions. There memories were processed and stored… They called it “the fear center” because it is activated in case of depression, anxiety, sadness, etc…

Even so, something was difficult for them, to know where the joy or happiness occurred. Recently they discovered that the positive stimuli are activated in the same amygdala… Of course, with moments of compassion, happiness and gratitude…

This means that people ultimately do not ignore the “bad times” or “threats” but learn to look for the good in every detail, without focusing on harmful agents that have prevailed for years. This way amygdala negative patterns are changed by pleasing patterns of wellbeing.

Picture: Freepik
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