From perfection to courage

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In many areas of society some teach people to get the maximum score, as a sign of perfection to be reached.

This logic of thinking only encourages fear, distrust, shyness and other created sensations… If people fail in one aspect they fail in all.

But gradually, the pedestal of perfection has been falling apart because some souls have understood that it is not a matter of finding the integrity or completeness at the expense of the expectations… of others or ourselves.

It is here where the courage comes to sweep those other forms that have been established almost as methods. Courage is a more human way to teach, to interact, to learn, to operate.

Courage allows us to open ourselves without fear, make a query, a comment, an idea, show others that we are struggling to create better versions… but without control or force.

The difference lies in learning encoding and decoding, i.e., a process of polishing and climbing, to find the garbage and sweep, cleaning (in present continuous) and facing our internal characters…

All this is: to value and feel loved, not because “our” perfection DOES NOT exist, but because of our courage to overcome and search for better methods to survive and continue.

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We can become younger if we make changes in our minds… Many experts still find clues about the great power that provides positive thoughts… No! We cannot see two separate entities. Mind and body are ONE, but they forgot it and began having relationship and communication problems. Part of our life project is to put them together as ONE.

If the mind plays its part, it would help rejuvenate the body and so we would be making better versions of ourselves. The experiences we bring to life are just a collection of words or ideas that we were picking at some point. With this we might think that stress is not caused by events, but by the views we create about these events, as the philosopher Epictetus said.

What if we take this as a game? Why do we care about everything instead of observing and internalizing good experience? Do we depend just on this moment? Our current life is not a last chance, it’s just full of scenes we bring, as when we are in a play… we interpret scenes, but they are not real.

The evils only look out when there is room for unconsciousness. Everything is evolving naturally and when that consciousness will be more visible, the mind-body relationships will be successful, and therefore also the relationships with other human beings. The ego still plays in the big leagues and we need to beat it to help the SOUL shine for the eternity.

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The child and the ashes

El niño y la ceniza.jpg

A nice anecdote that happened in Costa Rica…

— It’s raining ashes in San Jose, we tell to our friends dancers.

— Really? And in Paraíso of Cartago?, a frightened child asked suddenly. He was at the academy.

— We do not know. Why?

— Because my cousins live there, he answered shocked and pretending to pray.

— Calm!, the wind goes to San Jose, Heredia and elsewhere…

— Heredia? That’s weird! It’s far.

— Good question. We do not know.

— What if there is no wind?

— Yes, there is.

— What if the morning will be sunny and without wind? The ashes will fall.

— No! No! We call the wind.

— So, DO we make WIND with VENTILATORS?

After this comment all the dancers started to laugh. It was certainly a nice afternoon to dance.

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From the inside

Desde adentro.jpg

The reverence that matters, but from its practical term of valuable composition, which is felt and honored. Some say: “that buried virtue”… Oh if we could awaken it! The human warmth will begin to do its own thing.

The reverence protects, it is life and of course that gives us breathing. The trip starts to have sense. Channels of a fluid communication are opened, with great eloquence between.

Breathing well IS to speak well and IS having reverence… Yes! You are the reverence yourself, Creator of all.

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The happy brain

El cerebro feliz

Our brain can reveal great things every time we react to different moments of life: to the traffic, the lines in the bank, meetings with people, heavy afternoons, etc. But what to do with various events? Do we ignore the negative? Do we strengthen the positive? Do we remain positive and address the negative?

Neuroscience experts were studying the amygdala for a long time, a small almond (so to speak), located in the deep brain and acquiescent to varied emotions. There memories were processed and stored… They called it “the fear center” because it is activated in case of depression, anxiety, sadness, etc…

Even so, something was difficult for them, to know where the joy or happiness occurred. Recently they discovered that the positive stimuli are activated in the same amygdala… Of course, with moments of compassion, happiness and gratitude…

This means that people ultimately do not ignore the “bad times” or “threats” but learn to look for the good in every detail, without focusing on harmful agents that have prevailed for years. This way amygdala negative patterns are changed by pleasing patterns of wellbeing.

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Great wonders


To study them or not…  It’s the simple fact of thinking about them. We are surprised by their great performance. They are our own representation. They contain files of each of our stages of life, which sometimes we have access to… and when we don’t… more advanced ways arrive at those unsearchable spaces we did not even know existed…

The brain and heart love each other, talk, challenge, wonder, doubt, they work together, as a metaphor and as matter. They are alive and are always seeking each other. They are electricity and magnetism, acquiescing dreams of one and many. They always undertake to walk into the light of life.

Beauty is inside both, with the great privilege of exploring… That is the manifestation of love to find and remove blockages, to find the best experiences to resurrect the BEING and the DOING of people: souls, humans. It is the desire to build each way to make a better internal city and then materialize it in this world… OUR GREAT CITY.

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Warm journey

Cálido trayecto

A windy and familiar awakening. No space for time, nor for the incongruent feelings of anxiety. Alone, with sounds and yellow from Above, with food and songs, with tea and joy on paper.

A windy and calm walk. The green responsible for relaxed footsteps. Spontaneous preparation of homemade dishes, very much from the heart. Conversations, anecdotes and laughter that can only be perceived on the first day of December and make it feel at home.