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Picture: Freepik

Female revelation. Daughter, wife, mother. From the mount with water fountains. A poetic expression that speaks of her deep fields of light for the world.

It’s a place with picturesque interpretations: a hill as fortified city, a city with temple and throne, an image of separated woman.

The representation conceives a center of creation, sacred actions that awaken the goodness of Heaven to connect with the Earth.

The principle is manifested, the revelation of divinity. It is home inhabited by the presence expanding as warm green with glow of another dimension.

Space to announce his eternal kingdom. It’s not the daughter of a city, but the daughter-city. A special relationship between him and her is looming. The defense is from Above. Protection.

The daughter-city appears as a place of refuge for those who want peace.

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The silence

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Picture: Freepik

We have forgotten the silence. We wanted to transform it “in something”, devaluating its spirituality.

We have forgotten the silence, without worrying about attracting the consciousness, the essence of the unit.

We have forgotten the silence, but that expresses love, compassion, wisdom, friendship.

We have forgotten the silence. That taste that pushes for reflection, holding moments of meditation with us and the Creator.

We have forgotten the silence, to bring intuition. That which wake up with worlds of calm.

We have forgotten the silence, a mysterious field within us, which has been set to be discovered and trained.

We have forgotten the silence that takes us beyond time and space… Where we fix ourselves, where we do better to illuminate.

We have forgotten the silence because we are afraid of what people will say. We have forgotten that it’s just pauses, not by fatigue, rebellion or lack of words, but of respect, love, discernment.

We have forgotten the silence, the ingredient of integration and unity. That which makes us comprehend and understand ourselves.

We have forgotten the silence, which keeps, cares and nourishes our words. That which protects the privacy of our thoughts.

We have forgotten the silence, an absent language with presence. Which drives a journey into the depths of love. It is feeling without verbalization.

Author: Fernando Latouche
Website: Ser Luna
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Rainy afternoons

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Picture: Freepik

Rainy afternoons,
The millions of drops falling,
The strong rays
And the crazy wind,
They look so much like you.

You wet the dryness of my soul,
The desert of my cells.
You light sparkling
My heart,
And as swirl,
You raise me up in the air
Of my hackneyed despair.

You travel through my body like rain:
Cold, abundant, overflowing,
Getting out like rivers
Of the limits of my being.

That’s why,
When I look at the sky
And the clouds are crowded,
My soul feels your heartbeat.
I perceive them strident,
Right there where it hurts…
Where you are not…

Author: Gabriel Cordero
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Always a gentleman

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Picture: Freepik

Nothing is mine. You put everything in from my eyes to my hands. Nothing I’ve done has been because of me.

You have always been there, taking care of the letter or softer sound, taking care of any potential idea.

I’m just a creature that you created to deliver secrets, smiles, talents, gifts.

You hide to make us shine, but that’s because you’re a gentleman.

Our dose of ego is strong… but deep inside we know that everything belongs to you.

Everything good and bad comes from you. My “I” is nothing. You are the master and lover of my being.

You have blown the greatest gift: the breath of life to move and be that pure expression of beauty.

Leave your hiding place Creator! Leave it to see you and love you!

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Letters lovers

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Picture: Freepik

We run or we stop, always looking for meaning… comprehension of words.

We run or we stop, always looking for the perception of our worlds.

We run or we stop, with questions on this spiritual journey along Above, putting Him in everything.

We run or we stop, thinking about that designed world… Yes! He by himself with a look in the letters brought it into existence.

We run or we stop, passionate by the WORD, the same map and spiritual plane. Builder, creator of life.

We run or we stop, processing its great significance, mere transmission of the great will. It describes and defines everything. It’s the perfect infrastructure.

We run or we stop, deciphering our personal sketch… looking into these letters and words. Then comes the revelation. It is the matrix.

We run or we stop, understanding connections and concepts. We read, analyze and interpret the letter map.

We run or we stop, listening to the echoes of personal situations, consistency, the awakening of a beautiful purpose.

We run or we stop, looking for LIFE, lifting toward the source. Loving. It’s His Word, perfect synchronization of letters. Ah!

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More than that word

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Picture: Freepik

I am sorry to say I love you. It makes me sad because I do not feel it. I LIVE it.

I am sorry to say I love you. It makes me sad because the word is no longer strong. It is MONUMENTAL.

I am sorry to say I love you. It makes me sad because the impact is another. MORE THAN THERE.

I am sorry to say I love you. It makes me sad because there are things that cannot be explained. JUST PUT IN ACTION.

I sing with silence.

I sing with tears.

I sing with thought.

I sing with that pressure that sends me to prostrate.

I sing with presence and transcendence.

I sing with the spiritual red.

I MISS you. New gold alphabet.

You, Lover from Up. Me, lover from down. Thank you!

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The crown

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Picture: Freepik

Superconsciousness. It is up dancing with rays of majesty. Influencing everything else but is unquantifiable.

Experience is gained to enter meditation camps. A lot of vibration. It is abstract and intangible. Celestial monarchy.

The number 620 carries the instructions with their codes, revealing the operation of the town. Unit. Pillars of light.

Surround. Wait. Activate the force. It’s the will of sounds that curve as dancers.

It’s to receive and integrate the full radiance of divinity that is to be revealed as movements of corporal expression: firm, strong and noble.

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The light bulb

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Picture: Freepik

(The violin sounds)

First scene

— Lucy?

— Yes?

— Do you feel tired sometimes? Or that time is not enough for you? When there’s much to do, a lot of pressure… Accounts to pay, pills to take, stress, looking for work, visiting friends… and bla, bla, bla.

— Yes! The world is in chaos (sigh). It has also happened to me and I’ve got many questions of life.

— Have you found a way to solve it?

Second scene

— Well, look, every trip is personal. It’s a bit of experimentation and trying. For example, sometimes I imagine that I am a light bulb.

— How is that?

— A bulb has two sides: one positive and one negative. If both come together, a short circuit happens. Turns off. No more light… but … if in the middle we put a resistor then the bulb will light.

— Ok, but how can I apply this in my life?

— Well, it means that in life we need both sides but with a resistance… and this resistance can be called: controling emotions, abstaining from something, working with effort, etc… With resistance we can be thankful and achieve an inner balance, always in connection with the above. All this ultimately allows us to obtain a great pleasure. Everything comes gradually to appreciate, value and enjoy it.

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I don’t forget you

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Picture: Freepik

I have learned to love you and I still do it passionately. You taught me to MEDITATE ON YOU, to remember every reverence awakened with fire day and night.

I don’tforget when in my room, on the street or accompanied by the minimum or maximum whisper of human life, my mind draws a constant melody of your name. Yes! Also your names.

I’m still writing to you because I told you many times: I have not forgotten. Yes! I miss you and I breathe you. Yes! I dream you and wait you. Yes! I believe you and I love you. Yes! I feel you and I find you.

Only you, mysterious Creator, only you understand my soul and make me feel loved. Only you understand my being. I feel you and think of you with the brain, heart and liver… With this path of meditation that expands light.

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The land

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Picture: Freepik

The theme of the will is explained in a very nice manner, using the example of the land.

In Hebrew, “land or territory” is: “eretz”, with the same subroot (r – tz, Reish-Tzadik) of the word “ratzon” meaning “will”.

So, the sages tell that the “land” was called “eretz” because they wanted to do the will (ratzon) from Him.

The “earth” represents the will of G-d to give it life. Therefore, entering and staying in the “earth” also represents His will.

This passionate desire for the good, with a focus, is the clearest way of His will. It is a divine light that makes EVERYTHING possible.

To enter the “land” is a spiritual beginning. It’s a new will. It’s the passion and awakens of the soul. It’s the purity of mind moving to the expression. It’s the book that designs and directs toward the promotion of life.

The will is revived by experiences that draw our attention and challenge our imagination. They are meditations that explode into action. The will is the force behind all change. It is the divine force.

Based on: dimensiones.org
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