From perfection to courage

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In many areas of society some teach people to get the maximum score, as a sign of perfection to be reached.

This logic of thinking only encourages fear, distrust, shyness and other created sensations… If people fail in one aspect they fail in all.

But gradually, the pedestal of perfection has been falling apart because some souls have understood that it is not a matter of finding the integrity or completeness at the expense of the expectations… of others or ourselves.

It is here where the courage comes to sweep those other forms that have been established almost as methods. Courage is a more human way to teach, to interact, to learn, to operate.

Courage allows us to open ourselves without fear, make a query, a comment, an idea, show others that we are struggling to create better versions… but without control or force.

The difference lies in learning encoding and decoding, i.e., a process of polishing and climbing, to find the garbage and sweep, cleaning (in present continuous) and facing our internal characters…

All this is: to value and feel loved, not because “our” perfection DOES NOT exist, but because of our courage to overcome and search for better methods to survive and continue.

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The child and the ashes

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A nice anecdote that happened in Costa Rica…

— It’s raining ashes in San Jose, we tell to our friends dancers.

— Really? And in Paraíso of Cartago?, a frightened child asked suddenly. He was at the academy.

— We do not know. Why?

— Because my cousins live there, he answered shocked and pretending to pray.

— Calm!, the wind goes to San Jose, Heredia and elsewhere…

— Heredia? That’s weird! It’s far.

— Good question. We do not know.

— What if there is no wind?

— Yes, there is.

— What if the morning will be sunny and without wind? The ashes will fall.

— No! No! We call the wind.

— So, DO we make WIND with VENTILATORS?

After this comment all the dancers started to laugh. It was certainly a nice afternoon to dance.

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Fractal experience

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Picture: Freepik

In my mind I had a vague notion of the term fractal. I knew that it explained the existence of the Universe, and therefore, of all of us.

Still, I had not stopped to think beyond its generality, only that it gave balance and harmony. Then I saw something that caught my attention more to explore and participate in its practical concept.

I went to a talk with a friend called “Fractal Music”. Yes! I knew it had much to do with waves swaying from here and there, giving musicality to this infinite Universe.

But… what’s it all about? What is a fractal? How does this apply to music, writing, finance, architecture, medicine?

A fractal, according to the Royal Spanish Academy is an “iterative structure with the property that its appearance and distribution statistics do not change whatever the scale in which it is observed”.

In simple words, it is, an object or figure, which may be flat or space, but its appearance is the same, regardless of the scale used. Its metric fractal dimension, as it is called, is a non-integer.

Fractals can be created by individuals or can already be found in nature, such as flowers, snails, galaxies, or art.

In fact we are full of fractals, and in every decision we make, they appear. It is pure science that explains it. It is art that makes you feel. It is thought and feeling activated by our BEING in free action.

Fractals are different, beautiful, infinite. Producing contrasts, sounds, silences. For example, when we refer to FRACTAL MUSIC, we are talking about repetitive sounds generated with specific patterns.

“Fractals are based on Pythagorean mathematical premises, that is how we work and how life develops. Science begins when we ask. In fact it is to learn how to solve and to learn how to make harmonious, mathematical, scientific and melodic closures. There is no ugly, nor nice. There is only a SOLUTION”, I heard from Patricio Torres, Costa Rican musician and speaker of the talk.

Fractals achieve to create an harmonious composition, but using both directions: horizontal and vertical, complementary to avoid imbalance. That’s how we would come to promote the quality of thought and preparation.

For a long time we have been feeding of external things, without looking at the real purpose of growth, of the INTERNAL HEALTH.

Fractals are responsible for understanding the chaos, but are complex to define under classical concepts or methods.

They provide us with a new system, but in reality they have always existed, but only now it recovers its origins in front of obsolete systems.

We have not been arousing the BE or DO. We have stalled in the approach to belonging. It’s time to transmit our accented creations of the soul. Let’s discover and share our fractals!

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Picture: Freepik

Together we walked. Together we survived. Together we awakened others. Yes! Poetry, technology, creation. Only they know us as two: techno-poetry, because we are already creating itself.

We have always thrown experiences, enhancing sensitivity in hearts. We are also called techno-poetic, or in simple language, technological poetry.

So changes have come… looking for our more technical part, without losing our romanticism. They have opened us another space, more digital.

Our language seems to keep certain characteristics, although other letters have been cut or added… They say everything goes fast and we need to reach “what we came for”.

The great thing is that the technology is like a machine that provides certain tools… but a machine without feelings…

There poetry begins to live, to give life and color to these technical spaces that sometimes seek artificial language.

Together we complement each other, with endless possibilities for routes that want to mix, show or spell… We produce semantic forms with associations and dimensions to create love.

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Emissaries of light

Picture: Vecteezy

Picture: Vecteezy

When we have a vision, our greatest desire is to communicate it with urgency and passion. It is to speak from the heart and make it feel it in the soul of many others.

How to unite and remove the divisions? How to realize the vision of adults with flames of children?

That has been the aspiration of thousands of souls with different professions, located in multicolored cities, with substances of joy, in and outside.

There the adventure of the heart starts, looking for a world full of kindness, destroying fears and removing the suffering…

Redemption, as is well known, is that harmonious note music awakened in the Universe.

It is the synchronization of events flowing from the unit of some people that have involved some others to inspire and return to the “walk for life” with instruction.

Thanks to many, called emissaries, the desire has grown with various initiatives around the world.

An emissary don’t abandon their dreams, desires, talents or life project… but used in every mission, every mental, physical or emotional action, very deep, inside their personality and full creativity.

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Picture: Freepik

Fantasy is that higher dose of imagination. It is the mental faculty we awaken to start living longings.

With sensitivity in action, we alter reality to help that noble ideas fall in love with everyone. It is artistic creation.

We seek to distort the ugliest features of our personality to replace them with virtues that have always existed deep within us, in the blood itself.

Fantasy is our instrument of change. It is the great force that allows correcting every detail of this worn, tired and routine world.

This big sister is always involved in the creative process. It leads us to possibilities and design responses for each challenge. It is inexhaustible. It is a jewel.

Without it human knowledge would not be possible. It is part of our brain. Our right. With it we find freedom and happiness.

Fantasy helps us to to be like children, unashamed to invent. You may not make any reservation to use it. It is unlimited and always available.

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Virtuous women

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Picture: Freepik

We are at a high level… in a volatile dimension. Our fragrance is poured and the wind swings it… with great thoughts and feelings… those flying in search of light.

In this new world, the revelation of our inner beauty is brought into view. No contempt or concerns. It’s a great fire from above visiting the earth.

There is a connection between us and the Messiah. Connection born of that love with glow, that love with symphonies gold.

Our relationship with the moon is the inner essence that gradually appears, with help of the sun… We lead the road, back to the original plan of creation.

We establish justice, harmony, love… We returned to be suitable aid, guides and artists. We are carriers of perfection… Protective of purple treasures.

We are virtuous women!

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