We can become younger if we make changes in our minds… Many experts still find clues about the great power that provides positive thoughts… No! We cannot see two separate entities. Mind and body are ONE, but they forgot it and began having relationship and communication problems. Part of our life project is to put them together as ONE.

If the mind plays its part, it would help rejuvenate the body and so we would be making better versions of ourselves. The experiences we bring to life are just a collection of words or ideas that we were picking at some point. With this we might think that stress is not caused by events, but by the views we create about these events, as the philosopher Epictetus said.

What if we take this as a game? Why do we care about everything instead of observing and internalizing good experience? Do we depend just on this moment? Our current life is not a last chance, it’s just full of scenes we bring, as when we are in a play… we interpret scenes, but they are not real.

The evils only look out when there is room for unconsciousness. Everything is evolving naturally and when that consciousness will be more visible, the mind-body relationships will be successful, and therefore also the relationships with other human beings. The ego still plays in the big leagues and we need to beat it to help the SOUL shine for the eternity.

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The happy brain

El cerebro feliz

Our brain can reveal great things every time we react to different moments of life: to the traffic, the lines in the bank, meetings with people, heavy afternoons, etc. But what to do with various events? Do we ignore the negative? Do we strengthen the positive? Do we remain positive and address the negative?

Neuroscience experts were studying the amygdala for a long time, a small almond (so to speak), located in the deep brain and acquiescent to varied emotions. There memories were processed and stored… They called it “the fear center” because it is activated in case of depression, anxiety, sadness, etc…

Even so, something was difficult for them, to know where the joy or happiness occurred. Recently they discovered that the positive stimuli are activated in the same amygdala… Of course, with moments of compassion, happiness and gratitude…

This means that people ultimately do not ignore the “bad times” or “threats” but learn to look for the good in every detail, without focusing on harmful agents that have prevailed for years. This way amygdala negative patterns are changed by pleasing patterns of wellbeing.

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We are a sigh

We are a sigh

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We changed our BEING for something we could not even describe… It’s like we changed NORTH. Immediately we did everything in ACCELERATION mode.

We went here and there, moving very fast, our brain was going in an impressive speed, our body was worn and our SOUL cried out for some reason, but we did not understand its language.

Until one day we sat alone in the room, closed our eyes, tried to slow down and started to LISTEN for the first time… We realized that every day, each of us breathes about 26,000 times… but most of the time we are breathing from the CHEST and not from the DIAPHRAGM.

When does it happen? When we are stressed, worried, or when we move. Some experts say that we take about 20 breaths per minute, when perhaps it should be 4 or 6. They also say that 99% of our energy should come from breathing, but we’re just picking up 10 or 20% of that energy.

We are really locked in, busy in life… In that way, who will really think about breathing? We are so focused on other things and we do not see the value, do not enjoy the small but great details of which we could be grateful.

So we started thinking about the BREATH and remember that the great name of G-d in its original language, in Hebrew, are the same sounds of the breath: Yud, Hei, Vav, Hei… This made us transport ourselves to the moment of our creation… right there where the breath of life was blown on us.

It’s that beautiful. Our life is a SIGH… In every breath, we breathe the name of G-d… and the same G-d. And in that breath we find our essence, our BEING… That breath flows in you who is reading this, in the person you are going to interact with, in the person sitting in the bus and in every encounter you have with your family. Look!

When we realized this a few years ago, we started writing… Something pushed us to do it… We did it every day… as gratefulness in the midst of situations that we did not understand and as a project of life. That’s how My Citadel News was born, but we understood that it was not just My Citadel… but also Your Citadel and Our Citadel.

So we woke up from those forgotten worlds, overshadowed by the routine… We left this world and arrived to another… to a world that come to life… We became real STORYTELLERS to capture every detail that sometimes goes unnoticed and so express it in words, feelings and internal changes. We wanted to make a better version of ourselves!

Although we have tried to internalize this message many times… this time it was different… At the end we pronounce words of motivation… we began to look at each person with love.

From there we proposed something: smile and dedicate to meet and talk more with the people we will have contact in our lives. To marvel at the great stories of their SOULS. Once again, we have decided to make it part of a lifestyle… rather… our LIFE PROJECT.

Remember that every time we slow down, we become aware that it is for each inhalation and exhalation that we are still living, moving, breathing… G-d is our breath. We are a SIGH.

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Electromagnetic field

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There is an energy field that completely surrounds the body… It’s a magnetism that constitutes the balance in this whole Earth … balancing ourselves with UNITY.

The imbalance only comes when the movement is off… but our thoughts can change the vibrations to create the reality we desire.

No lies… Others have brought them to abandon the beautiful meaning of life… The truth is that the timing of thought slightly consents us, loves us, reminds us of that beautiful space we are in, that many wish to be filled with.

Everything begins to organize, like every person in our way knows and understands our internal composition. There we see how all those sensations become the inspiration of one and many.

Everything changes, moves, teaches us, drives us, gives us freedom… All this and more happens when our electromagnetic field ceases to be ourselves.

Then the perceptions come… Those that make us dance between two worlds: one that sounds familiar, with obsolete codes, which are losing interest because it is collapsed, dirty, empty… And another in which little by little, we give the welcome…

We do not know a lot about this new space. It seems unreal but it is approaching, bringing new life, new love, new passions… It is the new home.

If we tune our electromagnetic field, we tune our light carriage called: Merkabah…

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Big letters

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Sounds, frequencies, words… Great teachers that can change DNA.

Our health is exposed to the power of the word, responsible for changing the genetic codes.

We act as biocomputers, transmitters of information in the form of waves that change the behavior of cells.

If we study the field of linguistics, we note that it is responsible for structuring the language… What we know in each nation and what is artificially created by computers.

So our genetic code shares the same linguistic rules; in expression, form and content.

It’s not for nothing that positive affirmations, mantras and prayers are powerful. The constant repetition of words or phrases acts upon our own health and that of others.

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A hidden truth

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Yes! The speech was used to create the world. Yes! It was created… but something happened before…

Yes! There was a kind of supreme consciousness, of attempts… Yes! Before there was light, there was reflection…

A world of thought was created first, there ideas emanated… Then, thoughts came down to build the HOME.

That’s how it all started… from thinking… And this is what connects us on Shabbat, the seventh day. We meditate, enjoy, contemplate.

It is that big and expressive approach to the intelligence, to the silence, to Him, to the delight.

Then we return to the six days, but we take the great secret of the integral health: imagination, exploration, creativity.

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Normally when we wake up in the morning, we return once again to carry our “hard disk” with the same concerns and anxieties of hours ago when we were getting ready to sleep. But does it help? It helps us to plunge back into the maelstrom of messy and stressful thoughts to load our new day with the same heavy impositions of yesterday and again to feel worried, tense, sad and nostalgic, and in the worst case, lost in a irremediable melancholy… So, it is necessary at this point to ask: does it help? Does it succor to tighten our body again and fill our head of the same? Think…

We can be aware of this and make our day (hour by hour) a happy, peaceful and serene time, full of new opportunities. We can open our minds to thoughts, new desires that allow us to recover the peace that we have. Our awakening every morning must be full of energy, thanking the Creator for giving us another day. Surely He gives it to use it and to start the morning. Not with torrents of tears and with seas of worry and sadness, but contrary, filled with abundant desire to live the experience of a new day. A day where the sun illuminates us with hope and sweet rays also blinks in our souls and makes us shine. The suffering and sorrow left behind, in the infinite past that can no longer reach and better leave him alone, without inviting him to return. And does it help? Help us bring the past to the present?

We can see the future with optimism because every act we perform is a brick that builds every second of our day. If we become aware of it, if we order our thoughts and awake in the morning with that pristine desire to make this a better day, we will have won a battle, and if at least for one day we can be victorious, we can do it a second and a third day… and so on, pointing, with effort, a victory in this fight, in this wild and unequal battle we have every day with ourselves.

Life must be approached with optimism, very much wanting to do things well, thanking every morning for this new opportunity given to us to make it better every day. And how should we cope with everyday events? With the smile of a winner and the bearing of a conqueror. Every time we are attacked by negative thoughts or unedifying and ungrateful memories, let us ask the question: does it help? Surely we will have an aid and relief to the day’s battle.

Author: Gabriel Cordero
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23 centuries ago, Aristotle concluded that what is most sought after by men and women is happiness. While we seek anything else such as health, beauty, money, etc., we are only interested in the measure that gives us or leads us to happiness.

Today we don’t know more about the happiness than what Aristotle said. Despite scientific and technological advances, people often end up feeling that they have wasted their lives and that their years have elapsed between anxiety, boredom and disgust.

When do people feel happy?

Happiness IS NOT something that happens. It is not the result of good luck or chance. It is not something that can be bought with money or power. NOR DOES IT SEEM TO DEPEND ON EXTERNAL EVENTS, but rather on how we INTERPRET THEM.


JS Miller said: “Ask yourself if you are happy… and you will cease to be”. The road to happiness begins with CONTROL OVER THE CONTENTS OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

In our lives we have all experienced moments in which we had control over our actions; we were the masters of our own destiny. It happens rarely, we feel exhilarated, a deep feeling of joy that tells us how life should be. We will call this OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE. Those unique moments in our lives can be our first love, our graduation, the birth of a child, etc.

The funny thing is that these moments usually occur when the body or mind of a person has reached the limit of a volunteer effort to obtain something difficult and worthwhile. OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE IS SOMETHING WE LET HAPPEN.

These experiences do not necessarily have to be nice when they occur. The swimmer before reaching the finish line, winning and enjoying the delight of success, had to work before the maximum in the pool and sometimes with pain. A delivery may be another example of this. Despite the trauma, it can be one of the BEST MOMENTS OF LIFE.

The concept of FLOW or to FLOW is the state in which people are so involved in the activity that nothing else seems to matter, because the experience they feel at that moment is so pleasant in itself, that people perform it despite the great costs. They do it for the simple reason of doing so.

The optimal experience depends on the ability of control of each person, and they reach it based on the effort and their own creativity. The book and the FLOW hypothesis is what’s going to allow us to reach the HAPPINESS THANKS TO INTERNAL CONTROL OF OUR LIVES.

The optimal state of inner experience occurs when there is order in consciousness, and this happens when all our attention and all our energy is concentrated to get a realistic goal, and when the skills we have are arranged to achieve it.

FLOW is the way people describe their mental state, when consciousness is harmoniously organized, people are doing what they like to do.

The way to react to a given situation is what will determine whether or not the person is going to take advantage of his misfortune, or how he will respond to. That’s the point. Tranquility, serenity and considered decisions, seem to be the core elements of FLOW.


Life and the universe were not designed for the COMFORT OF THE HUMAN BEING. It seems that every time we solve one problem, another comes. Sometimes we don’t have time to think, something happens we can’t determine or even predict. However, our success in overcoming all depends on HOW WE FEEL, the joy of living depends directly on the way we feel and the way the mind filters and interprets everyday experiences.

We can be happy if we don’t depend on the internal harmony and the control over phenomena, that is, of what appears and is outside of us. Everyday we have to learn how to master the external environment, because our survival depends on it, but mastering the external CANNOT HELP US IF WE CAN´T LEARN TO DOMINATE THE CONSCIENCE.

All or at least most of us have a project of life, that is, things we want to do before we die. How close or how far we are from this project is what gives us our quality of life, the closer we are to what we want and desire, the happier we are, the same happens in reverse.

However we try to improve the quality of life; this is an ENDLESS TASK because having reached a goal or something we wanted, something else that we want will appear, and so on. But some people are able to get out of this vicious circle, staying out and pursuing happiness. They still live, they are happy, they are learning about life, enjoy what they do and are in harmony with themselves and with their living environment. Perhaps its greatest strength is that they control their lives.

If our living environment does not help us, if the society in which we live does not cooperate at all with our being and everything seems to be a mere utopia, WE ARE BOUND TO USE ANY ACCESSIBLE TOOL TO BUILD A LIFE WITH MEANING AND THAT ALLOWS US TO ENJOY IT.

Ironically we think that life will give us everything, but that’s not true. Rather, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “We are always striving to live but never living”. Or as the poor French said:, “there will always be bread and meat in the morning but there is never bread and meat today”.

In conclusion of these ideas, we can say that the way to get control over life is with CONTROL OF CONSCIOUSNESS. We can be liberated of anxiety and fears controlling consciousness, leading us to control the quality of the experience.

And how does consciousness works?

Consciousness is self directed. It creates the ability to deviate from the genetic instructions, being independent and running their own course of action. Its function is to represent the information about what is happening inside and outside the body, so that the body can evaluate and act accordingly.

It’s like a telephone exchange for feelings, perceptions and priority ideas. Without it we react instinctively and reflexively. WITH IT WE CAN EVALUATE WHAT SENSES DELIBERATELY SAY AND RESPOND BY EVALUATION.


But what does being conscious mean? Just that what happens, what is happening right now, called feelings, thoughts, intentions, etc., can be controlled. Everything we perceive is liable to be the subject of consciousness.

Based on the book Flow Mihaly. Csikszentmihalyi.

Author: Gabriel
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Some say that in the coming years, people will suffer terribly from boredom… It will be a disease that will win greater intensity.

Experts like John Eastwood define boredom as “an aversive state of desire, but being unable to participate in satisfactory activities”.

Of course that would bring sociological, political and mental consequences… If stress is already one of the leaders in ending many lives… boredom could become just as dangerous.

Boredom emphasizes on people who look like the living dead, to put it in some way. There is a vacuum experience that can not be explained.

Some do not even realize it. It just happens. Every day they live with boredom, as if it were already a way of life, rooted in the DNA.

But there are others who realize it… and instead of seeing it as a threat, they take the opportunity to creatively accomplish great feats.

There is an urge to explore… but we should be careful not to take risks that cause damage.

Boredom may finally be drawing attention to more pronounced symptoms as the true purpose of life of every human being.

What do you think of boredom? How have you dealt with it?

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The world of dreams

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Dreams, in a literal sense. Those that at some point in the night come to the mind. Well, sometimes they are associated with wishes… but sometimes… they come out of nowhere… strangely.

The truth is that sometimes there is a strange ignorance of what we need to add or remove… That’s where the expedition starts, putting the puzzle together…

But what if they come? Strive to do more… Strive to reflect and clarify, yes, from the soul. Only there we can find the depths of the interpretations and decisions…

The puzzle will start forming… It is interesting that in Judaism the amethyst stone is related to the world of dreams. “Amethyst” in Hebrew is “ajlamá” and its root is “jalam” which means “dream”…

Ah! This is a beautiful secret… but there is more… There is a relationship with welfare… Another Hebrew root for “jalam” (sleep) is “hajlamá” meaning “health”, whether mental or physical.

Some say that dreams speak of souls who are sick… As a sweating person… The cure is eliminating barriers that prevent toxins from being released… Only then its process continues leading to recovery.

A dream, at the deepest level of the soul, is a search for light, to aim with the will, wishing providence. To remove toxins is to eliminate barriers that prevent the disclosure of the drug.

The dream speaks of our inner light. That is well hidden in our soul. There we find the source of true mental and physical health.

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