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23 centuries ago, Aristotle concluded that what is most sought after by men and women is happiness. While we seek anything else such as health, beauty, money, etc., we are only interested in the measure that gives us or leads us to happiness.

Today we don’t know more about the happiness than what Aristotle said. Despite scientific and technological advances, people often end up feeling that they have wasted their lives and that their years have elapsed between anxiety, boredom and disgust.

When do people feel happy?

Happiness IS NOT something that happens. It is not the result of good luck or chance. It is not something that can be bought with money or power. NOR DOES IT SEEM TO DEPEND ON EXTERNAL EVENTS, but rather on how we INTERPRET THEM.


JS Miller said: “Ask yourself if you are happy… and you will cease to be”. The road to happiness begins with CONTROL OVER THE CONTENTS OF OUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

In our lives we have all experienced moments in which we had control over our actions; we were the masters of our own destiny. It happens rarely, we feel exhilarated, a deep feeling of joy that tells us how life should be. We will call this OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE. Those unique moments in our lives can be our first love, our graduation, the birth of a child, etc.

The funny thing is that these moments usually occur when the body or mind of a person has reached the limit of a volunteer effort to obtain something difficult and worthwhile. OPTIMAL EXPERIENCE IS SOMETHING WE LET HAPPEN.

These experiences do not necessarily have to be nice when they occur. The swimmer before reaching the finish line, winning and enjoying the delight of success, had to work before the maximum in the pool and sometimes with pain. A delivery may be another example of this. Despite the trauma, it can be one of the BEST MOMENTS OF LIFE.

The concept of FLOW or to FLOW is the state in which people are so involved in the activity that nothing else seems to matter, because the experience they feel at that moment is so pleasant in itself, that people perform it despite the great costs. They do it for the simple reason of doing so.

The optimal experience depends on the ability of control of each person, and they reach it based on the effort and their own creativity. The book and the FLOW hypothesis is what’s going to allow us to reach the HAPPINESS THANKS TO INTERNAL CONTROL OF OUR LIVES.

The optimal state of inner experience occurs when there is order in consciousness, and this happens when all our attention and all our energy is concentrated to get a realistic goal, and when the skills we have are arranged to achieve it.

FLOW is the way people describe their mental state, when consciousness is harmoniously organized, people are doing what they like to do.

The way to react to a given situation is what will determine whether or not the person is going to take advantage of his misfortune, or how he will respond to. That’s the point. Tranquility, serenity and considered decisions, seem to be the core elements of FLOW.


Life and the universe were not designed for the COMFORT OF THE HUMAN BEING. It seems that every time we solve one problem, another comes. Sometimes we don’t have time to think, something happens we can’t determine or even predict. However, our success in overcoming all depends on HOW WE FEEL, the joy of living depends directly on the way we feel and the way the mind filters and interprets everyday experiences.

We can be happy if we don’t depend on the internal harmony and the control over phenomena, that is, of what appears and is outside of us. Everyday we have to learn how to master the external environment, because our survival depends on it, but mastering the external CANNOT HELP US IF WE CAN´T LEARN TO DOMINATE THE CONSCIENCE.

All or at least most of us have a project of life, that is, things we want to do before we die. How close or how far we are from this project is what gives us our quality of life, the closer we are to what we want and desire, the happier we are, the same happens in reverse.

However we try to improve the quality of life; this is an ENDLESS TASK because having reached a goal or something we wanted, something else that we want will appear, and so on. But some people are able to get out of this vicious circle, staying out and pursuing happiness. They still live, they are happy, they are learning about life, enjoy what they do and are in harmony with themselves and with their living environment. Perhaps its greatest strength is that they control their lives.

If our living environment does not help us, if the society in which we live does not cooperate at all with our being and everything seems to be a mere utopia, WE ARE BOUND TO USE ANY ACCESSIBLE TOOL TO BUILD A LIFE WITH MEANING AND THAT ALLOWS US TO ENJOY IT.

Ironically we think that life will give us everything, but that’s not true. Rather, as Ralph Waldo Emerson said: “We are always striving to live but never living”. Or as the poor French said:, “there will always be bread and meat in the morning but there is never bread and meat today”.

In conclusion of these ideas, we can say that the way to get control over life is with CONTROL OF CONSCIOUSNESS. We can be liberated of anxiety and fears controlling consciousness, leading us to control the quality of the experience.

And how does consciousness works?

Consciousness is self directed. It creates the ability to deviate from the genetic instructions, being independent and running their own course of action. Its function is to represent the information about what is happening inside and outside the body, so that the body can evaluate and act accordingly.

It’s like a telephone exchange for feelings, perceptions and priority ideas. Without it we react instinctively and reflexively. WITH IT WE CAN EVALUATE WHAT SENSES DELIBERATELY SAY AND RESPOND BY EVALUATION.


But what does being conscious mean? Just that what happens, what is happening right now, called feelings, thoughts, intentions, etc., can be controlled. Everything we perceive is liable to be the subject of consciousness.

Based on the book Flow Mihaly. Csikszentmihalyi.

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Some say that in the coming years, people will suffer terribly from boredom… It will be a disease that will win greater intensity.

Experts like John Eastwood define boredom as “an aversive state of desire, but being unable to participate in satisfactory activities”.

Of course that would bring sociological, political and mental consequences… If stress is already one of the leaders in ending many lives… boredom could become just as dangerous.

Boredom emphasizes on people who look like the living dead, to put it in some way. There is a vacuum experience that can not be explained.

Some do not even realize it. It just happens. Every day they live with boredom, as if it were already a way of life, rooted in the DNA.

But there are others who realize it… and instead of seeing it as a threat, they take the opportunity to creatively accomplish great feats.

There is an urge to explore… but we should be careful not to take risks that cause damage.

Boredom may finally be drawing attention to more pronounced symptoms as the true purpose of life of every human being.

What do you think of boredom? How have you dealt with it?

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The world of dreams

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Dreams, in a literal sense. Those that at some point in the night come to the mind. Well, sometimes they are associated with wishes… but sometimes… they come out of nowhere… strangely.

The truth is that sometimes there is a strange ignorance of what we need to add or remove… That’s where the expedition starts, putting the puzzle together…

But what if they come? Strive to do more… Strive to reflect and clarify, yes, from the soul. Only there we can find the depths of the interpretations and decisions…

The puzzle will start forming… It is interesting that in Judaism the amethyst stone is related to the world of dreams. “Amethyst” in Hebrew is “ajlamá” and its root is “jalam” which means “dream”…

Ah! This is a beautiful secret… but there is more… There is a relationship with welfare… Another Hebrew root for “jalam” (sleep) is “hajlamá” meaning “health”, whether mental or physical.

Some say that dreams speak of souls who are sick… As a sweating person… The cure is eliminating barriers that prevent toxins from being released… Only then its process continues leading to recovery.

A dream, at the deepest level of the soul, is a search for light, to aim with the will, wishing providence. To remove toxins is to eliminate barriers that prevent the disclosure of the drug.

The dream speaks of our inner light. That is well hidden in our soul. There we find the source of true mental and physical health.

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The essence of the soul

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Where is the soul? In the heart? In the head? In the fingers? Where?

The soul has 5 levels of consciousness:

1. NEFESH: Connected to the body engine system.
2. RUACH: Connected to our emotions.
3. NESHAMA: Connected to our intellectual attributes: wisdom, understanding, knowledge.
4. JAYA: Connected to our willpower and faith.
5. YECHIDA: The innermost level where the essence of the soul is revealed.

Man is created with four elements: fire, air, water, earth… but this creation is corporeal: bones, flesh, organs… Still missing something that activates the whole nervous and psychological system…

This is the vital force… The spirit… Is the force called NEFESH … that is put into our blood (over 87 grams) to awaken a living being who can speak, move…

In fact, genetics found that combination of fire, air and water in the sperm… This is how everything is set to flow… but … these elements are combined with one more: earth… and this is how a human being is formed. This element is found in the woman’s ovum.

When the male sperm and the female ovum join, the NEFESH wakes up to form the fetus. Then the embryo is taken care of, 87 grams of blood are reached and NEFESH binds more and more to form the creature.

This NEFESH, like the body, has organs and spiritual veins that bind to its corresponding physical part. This transmits energy throughout the body.

That’s how the soul flows, but like everything else, it requires a specific base. For example, the base of NEFESH is the liver, for the RUACH, and for the brain, the NESHAMA. (The other two levels: JAYA and YECHIDA are out of this world. They are very high).

The soul is very special… A disconnection from the body allows us to experience feelings… from distant events to future events… The soul understands the spiritual world… the essence… but restrictions appear when it meets the body… It’s limited…

For example, the NESHAMA is the spiritual soul, that activates the body. If the level of the NESHAMA reaches the body to join the RUACH and NEFESH, it causes a person to rise and appreciate the secrets of the Universe. “And He breathed into his nostrils one NESHAMA of life and man became a living NEFESH” (Genesis 2: 7).

But there are still two higher levels: the one with ADAM after the fall. This level is JAYA. A level of understanding of the Creator and Creation. It is a very spiritual covering. Kabbalists call it “enveloping light”… And the last one is YECHIDA… who reaches this merit, may have a similar light of Adam before the fall. It is the purest. People arriving there, never die.

Source: Tora.org
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Body and soul

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This is the Torah, man…
Numbers 19:14

What is the soul? How does it work? To understand these questions we must first understand how the human body works in man.

No! Soul and body are not the same. Man’s soul is covered with the HUMAN BODY (bones, skin, arteries…) that is the dress of the soul.

The soul has also its parts. It consists of 365 arteries and 248 SPIRITUAL organs. Each of these spiritual parts are linked to their physical parts in the human body, i.e. to its 365 arteries and 248 PHYSICAL organs.

Soul and body aren´t the same but they work together. They aren´t separated at all. The parts of the soul are united with the physical parts to give LIFE and allow the operation. The spiritual connection is what helps the body to have VITALITY.

The first soul that G-d created had an impressive level of purity. It’s the soul of the first man (ADAM, אדם) in its original state… but … after the fall, a poison was expanded in the soul… and the souls… causing disease and death…

That’s why to fulfill positive MITZVOT (מצוות, positive actions; what many know as commandments) restores life to the soul, because every MITZVAH (מצוה) is related to a specific member in the human body. Likewise, to avoid negative MITZVOT (מצוות, negative actions, what many know as commandments) can save us from polluting or sick soul and body.

It’s not strange that Judaism talks about 613 MITZVOT: 248 positive mitzvot and 365 negative mitzvot, each one associated with each of the 248 organs and 365 spiritual (soul) and physical (body) arteries.

MITZVAH (מצוה) comes from the verb LeTZAVot (לצוות, order) which finally units. When we fulfill a miTZVah we are uniting with G-d. MiTZVot are related to the Creator and with all existence. The man was planned based on the TORAH MODEL (תורה, teachings received by Moses at Sinai).

Could we avoid disease, achieve a pure soul and have eternal life? Yes! and welcome G-d to live in us and connect with him more and more deeply. Even though this is a complex issue and keeps raising questions, its meaning is deep… There is always more…

We must raise this world to the state of purity, connect more to allow G-d to speak more directly to our hearts, that the sky may come down to earth and that light may expand everywhere… There is a ladder and the ladder is called: TORAH. 

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Chaos and Order (Bereshit)

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I know, we all feel like this… with our heads made a mess…

How good that this doesn’t happen to you!!!

It’s just to stop a moment, understand and sort out some things on our mind. If we don’t sort them, we can write them on a paper. If that doesn’t work well, we can do squares of paper and write each concern and complexity.

We order them and settle in various forms, as with chess or with a jigsaw. If not, we work again on this process. Things have their sequences, remember this always.

There is nothing bad or good. The situations we face and live are also arranged in sequential systems, but not necessarily in the correct sequence, as inconsistencies in the cartesian coordinates.

Do you remember the domino game where all the pieces fall? What if we take three or four pieces of the center or of the extremes? Maybe five or six? Exactly, the sequence is not met, nor reaches the end.

Chaos Theory tells of complex and dynamic systems, very sensitive to variations in the initial conditions. Small variations in these initial conditions can lead to large differences in future behavior, making long-term prediction impossible… Why?

The actual chaos is not disorder, in contrast, it is simply a neat sequential system (level) but with a different sequence which we deal with. And the hand that removes and relocates the dominoes is just ours.

We as human beings are capable and have the obligation to gradually build our destiny and everyday look for those bits of ivory to polish our own game pieces… giving to our sequences the desired end.

Author: Alberto Saenz
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Curing cancer

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As simple as changing your diet… That’s all.

People have always told us about a unique alternative: chemotherapy. But this is now in the past.

The Johns Hopkins Hospital tells about an alternative that many do not know, just because others do not want to inform about it.

All people have cancer cells. Nobody escapes. These cells appear between 5 and 10 times more.

When the system is stronger, those cells are destroyed, preventing the formation and multiplication of tumor, but if there is a nutritional deficiency, the cancer appears.

Chemotherapy seeks to poison cancer cells that grow fast, but it also poisons the healthy cells in the bone marrow or the intestinal tract, which is affecting the liver, heart, lungs, kidneys.

This only causes cells to move, evolve, resist, making complex the destruction.

Why does it happens? Because of genetic, environmental, dietary and lifestyle factors. The only way to strengthen the immune system is by changing the diet.

To remove and replace sugar in small quantities by honey, can help to remove them, as well as replacing salt with sea or vegetable salt.

Milk is also another product to remove, because it creates mucosa in the gastrointestinal tract and cancer feeds with mucosa. It must be replaced with unsweetened soy milk.

Cancer cells love acidic areas. Meat is high in acid, so if the diet is just based on meat, there is a problem.

Coffee or chocolate should also be avoided because they have a lot of caffeine… it’s better to drink green tea. Furthermore it´s better to purify or filter water.

Exercise and meditation also help to oxygenate… and finally… the Johns Hopkins Hospital recommends:

– Do not use plastic containers in the microwave.

– Do not put water bottles in freezer.

– Do not use plastic wraps on containers in the microwave.

Cancer is an integral disease: mind, body, spirit… A positive person can survive, while a negative person, just creates a tense atmosphere.

To have a heart full of love and gratitude, learn to relax and enjoy, this could end with all this…

Source: Barcelona Alternativa
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