Do you like adventure, mystery, creativity, illusion? My Citadel News invites you to see what happened in the mini-festival, “A Place of Fantasy and Empathy”. 


The mini-festival was held on September 27 2014 in Tobosi of Cartago, Costa Rica, with more than 200 people attending. All was sponsored by different companies and we celebrated the NEW YEAR, according to My Citadel News calendar. At this great PARTY we simulated a healthy mini-city full of surprises:

  • The release of our first book “My Citadel News”
  • The award for the Latin American Fantastic Literature Contest
  • Innovative projects of young entrepreneurs
  • Many other surprises

Meet our sponsors and some entrepreneurial projects: 


You can enjoy some pictures before and during the mini-festival. 

Before the mini-festival: Light Balloons with My Citadel News

Mini-festival: A Place of Fantasy and Empathy

This is the first feast in the world of My Citadel News. Later we will tell you what are the other feasts according to our calendar.

My Citadel News

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