My Citadel News as a social enterprise provides different services. See the areas in which we work. If you want to know the projects we have supported, do not hesitate to ask us and we will show you.

Meditation with fantasy texts: we offer creativity workshops where we seek to meditate using the texts of our book My Citadel News, relaxation exercises and body expression.

Creation of content: our entrepreneurship seeks to improve the products of other companies with storytelling. If a company wants to change its digital or printed content (articles, banners, posts, etc.) we can tell it in a different way. Topics of interest: spirituality, health promotion, disease prevention, healthy lifestyles, creativity, entrepreneurship, art, tourism, travel, gastronomy.

Publisher: if the client wants to elaborate advertising material, post via Internet, books, brochures and everything which involves text, we offer: 1) layout and illustration of the material, 2) content writing, 3) proofreading and support to achieve a successful and original writing.

Writing and translations: we prepare writing and translations in the English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese and French languages for companies interested in writing and translating their contents that allows them to reach other markets.

Public relations and event organization: we collaborate in the planning of any event, contacts with media, promotion through social networks through storytelling techniques to have a more human impact.

Creation of advertising material and animated videos: we collaborate in the idea of any type of design, whether creating logos, campaigns, illustrations with styles such as comics, cartoon, among others, as well as making animated videos that can give a fresh twist to the products of the companies.

Digital marketing strategy (project management which involves a variety of services): development and implementation of digital strategies for products or services, especially towards the Latin American market. Includes: community management services, creation of content or design of attractive posts to promote in social media, and other marketing services.

Everything is attractive and tailored with our main ingredient: FANTASY / FICTION. We also contribute with creations based on needs and preferences. We look for fun and to create impactful initiatives.


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