My Citadel News as a social enterprise provides different services which aim is to promote integral health (physical and mental) using fantasy, empathy and social  relationships. See the areas in which we work.

Wellness services with storytelling

  • Meditation with fantasy texts
  • Corporal expression and relaxation exercises
  • Massages and storytelling
  • Culinary experiences: delicious and healthy cuisine. Creations completely unique

Communication and production services

  • Incidence and awareness in health promotion
  • News creation on health promotion and disease prevention
  • Organization of events
  • Innovative strategies for all type of projects
  • Marketing, communication, journalism consulting
  • Creation of advertising material
  • Scripts and voiceover narration
  • Editing and proofreading style of books or other documents
  • Community management
  • Theater plays and performances
  • Courses of fantastic writings
  • Creativity workshops as a contribution to art, science and technology
  • Writings and translations (English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, French)

Everything is attractive and tailored with our main ingredient: FANTASY / FICTION. We also contribute with creations based on needs and preferences. We look for fun and to create impactful initiatives.


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