Conference of cows

Conference of cows

We drove through there, in a green place of Costa Rica. We were enjoying great heat and light of that national environment…

The car had to back down, we could not ignore that detail that was so penetrating to the eyes: a conference of cows.

So it seemed. But what they were talking about? They had serene looks, relaxed, but at the same time a line of complicity with tones of concern loomed over them.

Could it be that the comments were about humans? Were they enjoying life? Were they resting and telling stories?

What was behind their skins, between their eyes and the animal silence? How important objective were they facing?

Perhaps some were thinking and ignoring others? Were they doing a kind of meditation?

Did they notice our looks and questions? Did we connect and exchange ideas?

Many questions were diluted into our car, and gradually the memories of that dust came from which all of us come… Life! So interesting and mysterious!

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A story full of happiness…

Miguel Tigerino has been our friend for many years. He has always been very special and mostly a visionary. He was born in Costa Rica and was born full of light.

He is the clear example of making the impossible POSSIBLE. He has always believed in his dreams and those of others.

After participating in contests, he undertook a trip to Mexico where he began a great artistic career.

And what happened? That creation showed him a path full of adventure, passion and energy… Taking refuge in a living heart.

Miguel is full of poetry, songs, lyrics… He has just released a very special and sweet song that reminds us of something essential: love and unity are more important. There is no distinction of race or gender.

Here we present the beautiful song “HEAVEN”. Listen and enjoy.

We are looking for the best storyteller who voluntarily wants to create the best script for this song. The idea is later to produce an official video.

All ideas are welcome. We need and we want to tell the world A STORY full of happiness and possibilities. Together.

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