Picture: Freepik Stretching cat

Picture: Freepik
Stretching cat

Those moments when we get closer to the letters, we touch the eloquent silences face to face.

After that, we are led to stretch at various levels, guided by the instructions of consciousness.

And trying to stretch, we also stretch the soul. It dilates to grow and alludes to our true purpose: to serve Him.

We don’t stretch as an act of routine, legalism or exaltation, but by the aroma that takes fly whenever we launch the look at the sky. That’s how we are restored.

Stretching is to think within the silence, with the contemplative mind of a non-palpable state but as real as ourselves.

It does not always hurt to stretch, but when it hurts we arrive to unexplored parts of the soul and this of course reaches the body. It’s ethereal air looking for refuge.

We remember that pain in our fragility… our reverence to the greatest of the great. We feel the incomparable Majesty.

Stretching brings us back to the original state in which the DNA sparkled. We come back to the jungle oxygen to share life with the same trees that are our mirror.

Picture: Freepik
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