The holy wine

The holy wine

Local stories of Tzfat, Israel

We visited the last wine shop: Yashfe. One foot in the entry, impacted our being. Medieval buildings. Exquisite!

The owner came soon. He was a man with a white beard. Wisdom could be seen from his eyes. He quickly began his story…

— I’ll give you my wines to taste. You are going to be surprised. You will think that what you are experiencing is not real. You will leave without words because of the flavors that will last for eternity.

And his first words had provoked curiosity. He continued…

— The wine is a most wonderful creation… but many people fear it because it creates confusion, it often hurts, causes allergies, acidity, can even kill… only because companies have put POISON in it… But not our wine! This is made in a special land. It is pure, holy, it’s healthy. It’s wine that connects and does not kill. No poison.

So he continued his story until we tasted… but the Dambar! Oh the Dambar! It was delicious… but it really took us to another level…

— Its name is composed of two words in Hebrew: dam means blood and bar in Aramaic means son… That means son of blood, or rather, adam (the creation of God as man). This wine is definitely special. What do you feel?

— More spiritual. More connection with God. It’s something, something. Surprising.

We couldn´t continue speaking. Our tears came to enjoy the time with us. It was no joke.

— Exactly. It is a spiritual wine and we prepare it in its own vessel. A complete and pure vessel. People say that the Messiah will also pass through here and will take this wine. In fact everything is being fulfilled. People are returning to God and vineyards in Israel are changing. It is producing a holy wine that is flowing throughout the world. No need to say anything more, I can clearly see your feelings. That’s the world of Atzilut: full consciousness of divine origin. It passes from concealment to revelation. Eternal rectification and perfection. And it’s true. We still carry the taste of wine in our throats. Reign! Close!

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We’re going for it!

We're going for it!

Local stories of Tzfat, Israel

Good deeds (mitzvot: מצוות in Hebrew) connect us with the Creator… One example is writing… With it we reveal the soul.

Life should be like this, completely internal. This lifestyle encourages us to take risks because passion is linked to the divine will.

There is no logic. We must only enlarge the heart. Love! Goodness!

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Connecting in the cave

Connecting in the cave

Local stories of Tzfat, Israel

We met a young woman named Rachel. Her face and expression were full of light.

She took us for a walk, to have a meeting with the Creator.

We go up and up, enjoying the scenery. We breathe the air like home, so alive.

Citadel, that’s how Tzfat is called… Is the stage for the real magic. Everything communicates, everything has allegory.

After waking up our eyes painted with words, we come down, down and down by the same path.

We went into a cave, but it was already very dark. There with the echo of our breathing we raise our love.

Rachel began singing in Hebrew. A voice of that makes our silence be transported with letters to the citadel.

Rachel used a spotlight. On one side was the flag of the Messiah and on the other side was a crown with the name of the Messiah in Hebrew (משיח)… Beside the Crown, it said: ESTHER…

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Storytelling from the soul

Storytelling from the soul

Local stories of Tzfat, Israel

Change of scene. Four souls were sitting at a table with another Rabbi.

We had coffee in our hands and we were surrounded by stone walls. It was a cozy corner, something like a cellar.

— Let’s start. Imagine you are walking through a forest and encounter an unknown and mysterious person… You have many doubts. What is the most important thing you would ask? That which is in the depths of your hearts…

— We want to know more about the Book of Splendor (Zohar).

That’s how the Rabbi began to tell a lot. A complete expert in storytelling.

There were many topics on the table and we were captivated by the grandeur of a Creator, for whom it is not enough to use the most sophisticated adjective to describe his power.

Tzfat, a cradle of artists. Passionate people who connect with the spiritual in a transcendental form.

We listened to his words. That reality we thought was real… was disappearing… This is the Zohar. Very complex to explain or understand… Just feel… that all vibrates… Perfection.

— I suppose you have more questions?

— Yes! What is the relationship between Esther, the Zohar and Bereshit (Genesis)?

— I don’t have time. If you want to know more, you should come tomorrow.

— We will do it. We need to know more about it.

By the way, the chairs we were sitting on said: Keter (Crown in Hebrew).

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Looking for answers

Looking for answers

Local stories of Tzfat, Israel

— We have to talk to the Rabbi who was recommended by the wine owner.

— Yes of course! Let’s go.

We sent a message. Unanswered. We continue to pursue the dream… We walked to the center of studies. We call it before entering.

— I’ve been busy so I did not answer. Where are you?

— Here in the study center.

He hung up immediately. He left the office and…

— Excuse me. It was crazy. He continues. How about 4:00 pm?

— We will be back.

Time passed… We came back… We spoke… No news, just a little resistance (at least that’s how we feel it).

Explanations, explanations, but zero answers.

— Did I answer your questions?

— Mmmm!, actually we already knew this, but okay, thanks.

— Now I leave you to talk with another Rabbi. He does have answers. I can just say this.

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Wine experience: Part II

Wine experience: Part II
Local histories of Tzfat, Israel

Walking we arrived to the second wine shop… Abouhav… The place … Aaahhh!…

It was full of guitars. A lot of wine. Stones… History…

The place was a song. A bright melody of a red elegant color…

This time the meeting was with a beautiful, friendly and peace-filled woman.

We talk about the same issues… but this time the emphasis was on the Messiah: we will feel. We’ll know… but it’s already here.

We saw the caves with their lights. We enjoyed it. She invited us to the wine. She didn´t want to charge us. When we left she said: continue to tell how nice and good Israel is.

We didn’t find the latest wine shop. We will continue searching and tell you.

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Wine experience: Part I

Wine Experience: Part I

Local stories of Tzfat, Israel

Don´t forget to visit the three local wine shops!, a person wrote to our email yesterday.

We won´t! Of course!, we answered.

Today, walking we forgot the message. We walked aimlessly, seeing something calling for our attention…

Funny! Precisely we went to the correct path. Unknowingly and guided by some invisible hand, we arrived to the birthplace of wine.

At our first stop we spoke with the owner of Tzfat Winery. As we tasted its wine, we asked questions…

— What do you know about the book of splendor (Zohar)?

— It is very deep. I cannot tell. There are many layers. Soul connections. What I know is that man studies its secrets. Man represents the sun, i.e., light. The woman represents the moon and receive the light of the man. So, that’s how secrets come out.

— And what do you know about the Messiah’s coming?

— He is here! In Tzfat… But I cannot say more. Better talk to the Rabbi (he gave us a phone number). He knows. Tell him that I recommended to you.

— Thank you, very special.

— With pleasure. Enjoy gently. You are very fortunate to be in this place at this time. See, look, walk and feel.

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The book of splendor (Zohar)

Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

We want to share something very exciting and full of light. Alberto Saenz, Director of Zohar project has authorized us to divulge some of this amazing initiative. So we will tell you:

After leaving Egypt, Passover, and the Feast of Tabernacles in the Desert, Sukkot, we will dedicate the October to study the History of the Book of Splendor: the Zohar (זהר).

From the ancient city of Safed in Israel, we will begin the Zohar Virtual Museum Project, part of efforts to raise awareness of the importance and significance of this book in the mystical and Jewish faith. It has been the irreplaceable heritage of the Jewish people diasporas.

The Zohar (in Hebrew language זהר, “splendor”) is together with the Sefer Yetzirah, the central stream of kabbalistic book, written by Shimon Bar Yochai in the second century, and whose authorship is also attributed to Moisés de León.

The activities to share will been:

– Project exhibition
– Special information from the city of Safed
– Infographics and videos

Join us!

Daily Zohar
Unity Zohar
Director: Alberto Saenz

Picture: Freepik
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Moona: a garden of life

In this era of creativity, some talk about the “science of human kindness”. Scientists already understand the process of transformation, of how and why to love, cooperate, empathize, create… In fact the word kindness for a long time wasn’t considered a scientific term, but now it is. Why?

Because it’s possible to count the acts of kindness made every day, and when there is “counting”, there is science. But to makes it happen, we must begin internally. We’ll tell you a beautiful and true story that opens our eyes to enjoy ourselves and to enjoy with others.

Photography: My Citadel News

Photography: My Citadel News

We met Niki Koptzev, a Jewish-Russian 16-years-old teenager, originally from Haifa, Israel, and a student of Physics and the Arabic language. When it says “Arabic language” many people know what it means… but with physics? What is it exactly? Very simple, it’s an area of ​​experimentation that involves energy, matter, time and space. It tries to explain what the universe does in our lives. Some believe it’s the purest knowledge, even the Universe’s own medicine.

Niki had heard about a training place called Moona, with possibilities to test innovative technologies. He didn’t know what to expect but when he decided to undertake the trip, he was immediately surprised at the variety of opportunities related to his area of ​​interest.

He realized that Moona was an excellent place to start expressing his love of physics… this same physics in motion. The only requirement was to have an open mind, to enjoy and remove boundaries. That’s how he expressed it, with radiance in his eyes: “I love physics. I truly love it because I can understand how the world works, how things move and acquire the knowledge to apply it”.

Did someone hear the word love? How is it? This often seems to be impossible for a teenager. It’s a challenge. There are expectations. Adults say things that make you want to give it up. You don’t know how to please them, how to be yourself. They want to be reflected in you, for example with their own dreams, when maybe it’s not what you really want.

The adults’ world is often opaque by circumstances that are out of their control. Dreams and possibilities go with them… The years pass and all that is forgotten… But passion isn’t something to lock up. It’s a state that allows us to share with others. For Niki, Moona is that space where you know other beings like you, full of life, wanting to dream and create.

In fact many fear venturing into science or technology. They think they don’t have the tools or skills… but in Moona it’s different. Those who come don´t only stay, but come to enjoy, try, explore and experiment. Actually anything is technology, language for example.

Science and technology allow us to change the world using creative tools. These are contributions that make knowledge accessible. It’s to activate the mind to understand what wasn’t understood before. It’s to make a good life and change everything for the better.

In the end that’s what science really is… to know that in the midst of errors, brainstorming, conversations, laughter, hours spent, something new and useful is looming up. There you realize that the process is worth it, because where there are countless roads, there’s also the exit that leads to the path of pleasure. It’s the true delight of seeing your artistic work moving.

In this space for change Niki discovered people like him: different, equal, full, dreamy, playful, curious. That’s life, knowing that you can be who you are. No masks, fears or insecurities. It’s to love yourself and to love others. What beautiful moments! Knowing beings that open your eyes to perceive a natural light…

Yes! That was our meeting, a delight… but before concluding it, we dared to launch a final word… “We are from Costa Rica and we are storytellers. If language, fantasy and art are also science, what story would you want us to tell the whole world?”

There, between the sun and the mountains, surrounded by beautiful people, full of hope and radiant of real substances, Niki expressed: “you can call Moona a garden. You can plant a tree here. It will just grow, grow and grow. And you’re going to take care with water to make it more beautiful and stronger. That’s also how knowledge works and how we work. I want you to tell the story of someone who has the ability to make the dreams come true. To change lives”.

You see, we are also trees, and only with good care, we will grow strong and pretty. That’s how we can bring the spark of vitality. Wake up and go to a new world. We will find happiness caring for our tree, and united with it, the passion that is in our heart. That’s to live and to exist. It’s human kindness for ourselves and others. That’s physics and science. It’s taking care of the world, the garden to which we all belong.

Photography: My Citadel News
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Closer to the MOON

Would you like to arrive in space? We want and many others too, especially three young engineers: Yariv Bash, Kfir Damari and Yonatan Weintroub, creators of a big project.

Space IL is an Israeli non-profit organization that wishes to fulfill this dream: to place the first Israeli spacecraft on the MOON and to continue inspiring the world.

They have developed a probe manufactured with nano-composites, very small but absolutely functional.

This trip starts thanks to the competition realized by Google: “The Google Lunar X Prize Challenge”. Creativity will be tested to select the best winner. Each participant must meet three goals:

  1. To make a soft landing (without crashing) of an unmanned spacecraft on the surface of the moon.

  2. To travel 500 meters above or below the surface of the moon.

  3. To send a high definition video and photos to Earth.

Actually for Space IL these are just small missions. Their passion transcends. They speak of a national mission: to create an inspiring story of the spacecraft to impact Israel and the world.

The commitment of these dreamers is big. The money will be invested in education, in areas such as: science, engineering, technology and mathematics. So if you want to support, share and follow them, you can do it on Facebook or on the Space IL website.

There are no secrets. Space and exploration are the future issues. We are all crossing borders, filling them with creativity and possibilities. We are approaching a new world.

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