That which we forget

Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

Sometimes we forget the contact with the earth and together with this we also ignore nature. We forget that all these sources bring us electrons, that we all are of the same Creator.

We forget that its composition heals us, makes us happy, makes us shine and restores ourselves… that it turns off all those mental invaders who believe they are smarter than the wind.

We forget to go out and sit in silence, in that comfortable chair, or on the ground. We forget that our appearance on the planet is to help bring balance and inspiration, aware of everything that we love and we can love.

We forget that life is the most elegant and delicate gift in which we delight in every opportunity when we open our eyes or close them to give a massage to our soul, up there in the palace.

We forget that every form of expression is the greatest privilege, above excuses, fame, of what people say, stereotypes or teasing. We forget that it just allows us to BE.

We forget that if at this moment we don’t decide to activate our hearts to find those great passions, then we will forget who we are and we will completely quench with free wanderings.

We forget that there is a clear manual that connects us and promises us eternal life. That there IS an intelligence beyond our understanding that challenges us, repairs us, loves us and consents each day with surprises.

We forget that days can be cute and happy if with our heart we look at each other as if we were ourselves, with compassion, with kindness, no skills, no hatred.

If we truly let ourselves spread more through these magnets of optimism and empathy, we could remove the mentions of pain and will reactivate the memory and delivery we had once for the Divinity.

If we truly think of a list of forgotten details we could be ordering the existence. If we indeed do, we would be free souls and a complete unity of harmony and love.

Picture: Freepik
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