The essence of the soul

Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

Where is the soul? In the heart? In the head? In the fingers? Where?

The soul has 5 levels of consciousness:

1. NEFESH: Connected to the body engine system.
2. RUACH: Connected to our emotions.
3. NESHAMA: Connected to our intellectual attributes: wisdom, understanding, knowledge.
4. JAYA: Connected to our willpower and faith.
5. YECHIDA: The innermost level where the essence of the soul is revealed.

Man is created with four elements: fire, air, water, earth… but this creation is corporeal: bones, flesh, organs… Still missing something that activates the whole nervous and psychological system…

This is the vital force… The spirit… Is the force called NEFESH … that is put into our blood (over 87 grams) to awaken a living being who can speak, move…

In fact, genetics found that combination of fire, air and water in the sperm… This is how everything is set to flow… but … these elements are combined with one more: earth… and this is how a human being is formed. This element is found in the woman’s ovum.

When the male sperm and the female ovum join, the NEFESH wakes up to form the fetus. Then the embryo is taken care of, 87 grams of blood are reached and NEFESH binds more and more to form the creature.

This NEFESH, like the body, has organs and spiritual veins that bind to its corresponding physical part. This transmits energy throughout the body.

That’s how the soul flows, but like everything else, it requires a specific base. For example, the base of NEFESH is the liver, for the RUACH, and for the brain, the NESHAMA. (The other two levels: JAYA and YECHIDA are out of this world. They are very high).

The soul is very special… A disconnection from the body allows us to experience feelings… from distant events to future events… The soul understands the spiritual world… the essence… but restrictions appear when it meets the body… It’s limited…

For example, the NESHAMA is the spiritual soul, that activates the body. If the level of the NESHAMA reaches the body to join the RUACH and NEFESH, it causes a person to rise and appreciate the secrets of the Universe. “And He breathed into his nostrils one NESHAMA of life and man became a living NEFESH” (Genesis 2: 7).

But there are still two higher levels: the one with ADAM after the fall. This level is JAYA. A level of understanding of the Creator and Creation. It is a very spiritual covering. Kabbalists call it “enveloping light”… And the last one is YECHIDA… who reaches this merit, may have a similar light of Adam before the fall. It is the purest. People arriving there, never die.

Source: Tora.org
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Body and soul

Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

This is the Torah, man…
Numbers 19:14

What is the soul? How does it work? To understand these questions we must first understand how the human body works in man.

No! Soul and body are not the same. Man’s soul is covered with the HUMAN BODY (bones, skin, arteries…) that is the dress of the soul.

The soul has also its parts. It consists of 365 arteries and 248 SPIRITUAL organs. Each of these spiritual parts are linked to their physical parts in the human body, i.e. to its 365 arteries and 248 PHYSICAL organs.

Soul and body aren´t the same but they work together. They aren´t separated at all. The parts of the soul are united with the physical parts to give LIFE and allow the operation. The spiritual connection is what helps the body to have VITALITY.

The first soul that G-d created had an impressive level of purity. It’s the soul of the first man (ADAM, אדם) in its original state… but … after the fall, a poison was expanded in the soul… and the souls… causing disease and death…

That’s why to fulfill positive MITZVOT (מצוות, positive actions; what many know as commandments) restores life to the soul, because every MITZVAH (מצוה) is related to a specific member in the human body. Likewise, to avoid negative MITZVOT (מצוות, negative actions, what many know as commandments) can save us from polluting or sick soul and body.

It’s not strange that Judaism talks about 613 MITZVOT: 248 positive mitzvot and 365 negative mitzvot, each one associated with each of the 248 organs and 365 spiritual (soul) and physical (body) arteries.

MITZVAH (מצוה) comes from the verb LeTZAVot (לצוות, order) which finally units. When we fulfill a miTZVah we are uniting with G-d. MiTZVot are related to the Creator and with all existence. The man was planned based on the TORAH MODEL (תורה, teachings received by Moses at Sinai).

Could we avoid disease, achieve a pure soul and have eternal life? Yes! and welcome G-d to live in us and connect with him more and more deeply. Even though this is a complex issue and keeps raising questions, its meaning is deep… There is always more…

We must raise this world to the state of purity, connect more to allow G-d to speak more directly to our hearts, that the sky may come down to earth and that light may expand everywhere… There is a ladder and the ladder is called: TORAH. 

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Photography: The bbp

Photography: The bbp

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… Darkness needed light. Death could not reign forever. Life should be multiplied and was urgent to splash the Earth with joy.

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… Expected. A cause, a consequence and a decision in the sky that would lead to battles, blood and fire.

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… Reality. The prophecies warned for it and time confirmed it. It would not be a common birth. The story tells it, a moment which changed the concept and purpose of humanity in its entirety. A before and after.

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… The supernatural. A past full of mystery and a Power that cannot be of this world.

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… The revelation. A moment where true love took shape and meaning, for a future that ensured eternal salvation.

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… The absolute truth, a Wonderful Child, a Gentleman Counselor, a Strong King, an Eternal Father, a Prince full of Peace that was born to stay with us as a Man, a Being, as the only Creator.

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… The perfect victory. No man, empire, kingdom and army could not and will not beat him. They can not control his hand, decipher his anger or understand his kingdom, his dedication is the key to its permanence.

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… the Love, the Hope, the Eternity was born.

Author: David Perez Quiros
Photography: The bbp
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He clings

He clings

Photography: Stockvault

In a storm, a man clings to life,
His boat is the only thing he has in the world.

It is a lot what he has feared in the life,
That is why he has undertaken an escape on this ship.

He looks at details of each part of it,
Unaware that a cruel death waits for him on his return.

A rumble in the bow,
A wave knocks him hard.

Afraid, he preferred to not see what happened,
And he reviewed the map he had.

With hurry he measured latitude and longitude,
Thinking: “this will pass promptly”.

He handled all the controls very well,
But his look to the outside was always ignored.

Another blow sounds, this was even stronger.
Are you the person this story speaks about?
And you think that life does not end on your return?

You still wandered without this idea in your mind,
Thinking that this will make you stronger.

Author: Jorge Cubero
Photography: Stockvault
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