Israeli invention: innovation in nature

We know that trees are nourished by sunlight and that there are many species like cedars, pines, oaks… but… we know little about a new creation: Acacia, a tree invented by Michael Lasry.

What if our phone or computer runs out of battery? You will probably look for a plug, but it is not always easy to find it. That is when Acacia comes to help us.


Are you talking about a new specie? Yes. It is a tree that eats sunlight to provide electric energy and wi-fi. And what does it looks like? It is a brown metal trunk, with seven large leaves that are solar panels and easily allow to charge devices, in a clean, free and sustainable way and without radiation.

This tree has particular functions: it acts as an electric plug and a USB port, it supplies energy to wi-fi and it is involved in the cooling water process. How does it generate? People speak of a maximum of 1.4 kilowatts. This means that it can feed 35 laptops.

The producer is called Sologic, a social enterprise that aims to promote sustainability and environmental awareness. This invention revolutionizes technology, but also art, green energy and community creation. Once again, we see how nature can become a source of inspiration for inventors.

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