Bikeway at van Gogh style: Dutch genius and health

The artist Daan Roosegaarde, together with the Heigmans Infrastructure company, in Holland, created a path for bikers in honor of the painter Vincent van Gogh. Its mission: to establish an active relationship between people and spaces.

It was built in the painter’s birthplace, Eindhoven, forming a mile long trail. The inspiration came thanks to his work “Starry Night”.

ciclovia 1

Photography by: Studio Roosegaarde

Now darkness is reduced with this spectacular invention. The bike path is illuminated with spiral glowing stones, using LED lights technology. Its performance comes from sunlight which creates a practical and natural system, totally attractive.
ciclovia 3

Photography by: Studio Roosegaarde

Inventors wanted to combine two words: poetry and technology. According to the Royal Spanish Academy, the first, is a manifestation of beauty or aesthetic feeling, and the second, is the set of theories and techniques that enable the practical use of scientific knowledge.
ciclovia 2

Photography by: Studio Roosegaarde

So, it is the fusion of these two concepts which arouses techno-poetry, a special experience where sophisticated tools are combined with pure and exciting art. The bikeway idea wanted to bring imagination to Earth, to update reality … and it succeeded. This innovation gives us today a set of lights, passions, contact with the environment and integral health.

Photography by: Studio Roosegaarde
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