The secrets of Esther: Part III

Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

It’s about thinking of GIVING. It’s the kindness that connects, resembling the PURE SOURCE. That is the INTEGRAL PEACE, the maximum vibration that makes everything dance.

We come from there, from hiding into the discovery. Names of the Creator are placed throughout the book.

Likewise it happens in this world. There are things we don´t see… and we need to tell them to open the eyes of those who don´t see that light… REVELATION.

The Creator reveals by hiding, and sometimes by hiding, he reveals. The same happens for each of us.

It is only through stories we can reveal ourselves… There are dynamism, characters, situations…

And is in every book, reading letters, words or sentences (with analogies, poetry, symbols) make us reach a deeper, inner understanding.

That is the great journey of the soul of each one… Looking inside there the light which response to the existence of ourselves and others… An approach to the origin…

Therefore, Hebrew gives us its wealth of letters, gradually showing everything. In Hebrew, WORLD (OLAM, עולם) also means concealment.

So if we focus on the world’s surface, we will just see aimless chaos, but when we see it with the Word, we appreciate the LIGHT and receiving… It’s to dis-COVER the purposes.

This material world is just full of feelings, challenges, etc. but doesn’t know that other High World… where everything is possible, perfect, eternal and real.

We are revealing along with many other storytellers.

Picture: Freepik
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Intelligent musical universe

The universe expands steeply, in theory, first as arithmetic and geometric progressions, such as natural fractals, but its macro form, its infinite structure, ultimately assumes the same structure of musical scales.

Photography: NASA

Photography: NASA

In a mathematical sense, the musical octave is an equation that calculates values or variables given to it, the notes, the “tempo” that define it. Albert Einstein explained it in a very interesting way: “the musical universe”.

So the history, the legend, the heroes or stories can be debugged in poetry… and beyond… With the help of the metric verse, it is sublimated to infinity in its musical form.

That’s why King David wrote the Psalms, because he could sing. Writing and reading are defined brain functions, and in some cases, conditional and primitive, such as learning and make a signature mechanically.

Musical activity involves literacy, but it also involves, in a more systematic way, other lobe regions and of the cortex, it’s to leave the material world, to enter into the world of ideas and associations, a purely mental process.

It also involves feelings, like when someone sings to love or a prayer is made. It has the extraordinary power to unleash all that fabulous chemistry of welfare enzymes.

This is a bit of the intelligent musical universe, but in reality, who has all the intelligence, is the same who created it and keeps it awake.

Author: David Saenz
Photography: NASA
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A story full of happiness…

Miguel Tigerino has been our friend for many years. He has always been very special and mostly a visionary. He was born in Costa Rica and was born full of light.

He is the clear example of making the impossible POSSIBLE. He has always believed in his dreams and those of others.

After participating in contests, he undertook a trip to Mexico where he began a great artistic career.

And what happened? That creation showed him a path full of adventure, passion and energy… Taking refuge in a living heart.

Miguel is full of poetry, songs, lyrics… He has just released a very special and sweet song that reminds us of something essential: love and unity are more important. There is no distinction of race or gender.

Here we present the beautiful song “HEAVEN”. Listen and enjoy.

We are looking for the best storyteller who voluntarily wants to create the best script for this song. The idea is later to produce an official video.

All ideas are welcome. We need and we want to tell the world A STORY full of happiness and possibilities. Together.

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