The world of dreams

Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

Dreams, in a literal sense. Those that at some point in the night come to the mind. Well, sometimes they are associated with wishes… but sometimes… they come out of nowhere… strangely.

The truth is that sometimes there is a strange ignorance of what we need to add or remove… That’s where the expedition starts, putting the puzzle together…

But what if they come? Strive to do more… Strive to reflect and clarify, yes, from the soul. Only there we can find the depths of the interpretations and decisions…

The puzzle will start forming… It is interesting that in Judaism the amethyst stone is related to the world of dreams. “Amethyst” in Hebrew is “ajlamá” and its root is “jalam” which means “dream”…

Ah! This is a beautiful secret… but there is more… There is a relationship with welfare… Another Hebrew root for “jalam” (sleep) is “hajlamá” meaning “health”, whether mental or physical.

Some say that dreams speak of souls who are sick… As a sweating person… The cure is eliminating barriers that prevent toxins from being released… Only then its process continues leading to recovery.

A dream, at the deepest level of the soul, is a search for light, to aim with the will, wishing providence. To remove toxins is to eliminate barriers that prevent the disclosure of the drug.

The dream speaks of our inner light. That is well hidden in our soul. There we find the source of true mental and physical health.

Picture: Freepik
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