Photography: The bbp

Photography: The bbp

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… Darkness needed light. Death could not reign forever. Life should be multiplied and was urgent to splash the Earth with joy.

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… Expected. A cause, a consequence and a decision in the sky that would lead to battles, blood and fire.

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… Reality. The prophecies warned for it and time confirmed it. It would not be a common birth. The story tells it, a moment which changed the concept and purpose of humanity in its entirety. A before and after.

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… The supernatural. A past full of mystery and a Power that cannot be of this world.

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… The revelation. A moment where true love took shape and meaning, for a future that ensured eternal salvation.

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… The absolute truth, a Wonderful Child, a Gentleman Counselor, a Strong King, an Eternal Father, a Prince full of Peace that was born to stay with us as a Man, a Being, as the only Creator.

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… The perfect victory. No man, empire, kingdom and army could not and will not beat him. They can not control his hand, decipher his anger or understand his kingdom, his dedication is the key to its permanence.

HE WAS ALREADY BORN… the Love, the Hope, the Eternity was born.

Author: David Perez Quiros
Photography: The bbp
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