The secrets of Esther: Part IV

Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

There is the wealth of the reading, the literature, the interpretations and the test. Only in times of crisis the light turns… in that dark room where we need to survive…

We seek a thousand ways to be creative, to find a way out, to grow, to meet you… And soon we arrive at the dimensions of the soul (known in Hebrew as SEFIROT, ספירות)… highlighting attributes of the Creator’s manifestation in this world.

But sefirah is taken from the root s-f-r, meaning “expression”, as the Hebrew words do through STORIES (SIPURIM, סיפורים) in their BOOKS (SFARIM, ספרים)… And all this leads to the importance of HIGH light, a direct connection with the Divine…

And then we see that all these words are related, and how they awake, the same as the time when the world was created… Nothing more and nothing less than the use of the letters

Megillah Esther (scroll of Esther)… is the greatest feeling to display, to help the reader experiences a message or idea that is slowly revealing.

With suspense… with emphasis on the word STORY (SIPUR סיפור), it focuses on the narrative medium, coming to the climax to completely break that message.

There, everything is clarified with a pure resolution from the heaven… And Megillah Esther is that… one book that has this level of plot: DEEP TRUTHS.

Picture: Freepik
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