We are a sigh

We are a sigh

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We changed our BEING for something we could not even describe… It’s like we changed NORTH. Immediately we did everything in ACCELERATION mode.

We went here and there, moving very fast, our brain was going in an impressive speed, our body was worn and our SOUL cried out for some reason, but we did not understand its language.

Until one day we sat alone in the room, closed our eyes, tried to slow down and started to LISTEN for the first time… We realized that every day, each of us breathes about 26,000 times… but most of the time we are breathing from the CHEST and not from the DIAPHRAGM.

When does it happen? When we are stressed, worried, or when we move. Some experts say that we take about 20 breaths per minute, when perhaps it should be 4 or 6. They also say that 99% of our energy should come from breathing, but we’re just picking up 10 or 20% of that energy.

We are really locked in, busy in life… In that way, who will really think about breathing? We are so focused on other things and we do not see the value, do not enjoy the small but great details of which we could be grateful.

So we started thinking about the BREATH and remember that the great name of G-d in its original language, in Hebrew, are the same sounds of the breath: Yud, Hei, Vav, Hei… This made us transport ourselves to the moment of our creation… right there where the breath of life was blown on us.

It’s that beautiful. Our life is a SIGH… In every breath, we breathe the name of G-d… and the same G-d. And in that breath we find our essence, our BEING… That breath flows in you who is reading this, in the person you are going to interact with, in the person sitting in the bus and in every encounter you have with your family. Look!

When we realized this a few years ago, we started writing… Something pushed us to do it… We did it every day… as gratefulness in the midst of situations that we did not understand and as a project of life. That’s how My Citadel News was born, but we understood that it was not just My Citadel… but also Your Citadel and Our Citadel.

So we woke up from those forgotten worlds, overshadowed by the routine… We left this world and arrived to another… to a world that come to life… We became real STORYTELLERS to capture every detail that sometimes goes unnoticed and so express it in words, feelings and internal changes. We wanted to make a better version of ourselves!

Although we have tried to internalize this message many times… this time it was different… At the end we pronounce words of motivation… we began to look at each person with love.

From there we proposed something: smile and dedicate to meet and talk more with the people we will have contact in our lives. To marvel at the great stories of their SOULS. Once again, we have decided to make it part of a lifestyle… rather… our LIFE PROJECT.

Remember that every time we slow down, we become aware that it is for each inhalation and exhalation that we are still living, moving, breathing… G-d is our breath. We are a SIGH.

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We were doing balance exercises, and on the first attempt, we lost balance. On a second attempt, too. On the third, more or less, but always we ended up on the floor. This happened with the fourth and fifth day of the week, the seventh day of that a bit strange month, of the year and the years, of the past and present very present, or present almost past…

What do we know! It was not easy. Gravity was not easy. You will not believe it, but seriously whenever we concentrated the eyes at one point to “focus”, we thought of gravity. We looked at the feet and legs, sometimes the face and we said: GRAVITY STAY! LEG, TAKE IT EASY! ARM, TAKE IT EASY! Stop making ugly faces. Push the floor. Sometimes it worked… but, what hot and heartbreak!

The point is that this EQUILIBRIUM happens in the same way with the speaking and listening. How many times we put it in the middle? That’s why everything is so divided and polarized, because we are not trying. Communication skills cannot be “practiced”.

There are no excuses for serious, inspirational, good, compassionate conversations, where we let the connection flow forever. There are no excuses! We just have to focus completely on the person, without distractions. Make a type of interview. Ask and show interest in the content. Nullify ourselves. Let it flow without control on subjects. Naturalness is the prettiest of being.

Disappointments, misunderstandings or clashes come just because we want to talk. Silence! That is the practice that we adopt in us. To listen more. Conversations are not promotional or control spaces, are learning spaces and interest on the other. Sometimes we will lose balance… but we continue practicing. GRAVITY, OBEY!

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Your flame


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Right now, at this present moment. Yes! And deep in our souls as well.

The oxygen of sobriety and kindness always wanted to conquer us… but only now the memory has been commissioning to unite those routes that had changed their position.

It is a potential that unites us as passionate or spiritual adventures. It’s the step and dancing that you do above, between the walls of this area and beyond concepts. You move and tell us how.

It’s not our creations or compositions… It’s not like that! You guide our fingers and whisper in the neurons of life.

You sit there with your coffee or tea and embrace us with the same links of genetic transmissions and instructions.

The model or project (as you like to call it) is up, and at the same time it’s down on the top of our body… there in the mind…

Of course they are like a single entity! The only limited and personal description we can give is this: “it’s a kind of architectural projection burning the chest. Very strong! This is seen till you throw sparks in the belly”.

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Picture: Freepik Stretching cat

Picture: Freepik
Stretching cat

Those moments when we get closer to the letters, we touch the eloquent silences face to face.

After that, we are led to stretch at various levels, guided by the instructions of consciousness.

And trying to stretch, we also stretch the soul. It dilates to grow and alludes to our true purpose: to serve Him.

We don’t stretch as an act of routine, legalism or exaltation, but by the aroma that takes fly whenever we launch the look at the sky. That’s how we are restored.

Stretching is to think within the silence, with the contemplative mind of a non-palpable state but as real as ourselves.

It does not always hurt to stretch, but when it hurts we arrive to unexplored parts of the soul and this of course reaches the body. It’s ethereal air looking for refuge.

We remember that pain in our fragility… our reverence to the greatest of the great. We feel the incomparable Majesty.

Stretching brings us back to the original state in which the DNA sparkled. We come back to the jungle oxygen to share life with the same trees that are our mirror.

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That which we forget

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Picture: Freepik

Sometimes we forget the contact with the earth and together with this we also ignore nature. We forget that all these sources bring us electrons, that we all are of the same Creator.

We forget that its composition heals us, makes us happy, makes us shine and restores ourselves… that it turns off all those mental invaders who believe they are smarter than the wind.

We forget to go out and sit in silence, in that comfortable chair, or on the ground. We forget that our appearance on the planet is to help bring balance and inspiration, aware of everything that we love and we can love.

We forget that life is the most elegant and delicate gift in which we delight in every opportunity when we open our eyes or close them to give a massage to our soul, up there in the palace.

We forget that every form of expression is the greatest privilege, above excuses, fame, of what people say, stereotypes or teasing. We forget that it just allows us to BE.

We forget that if at this moment we don’t decide to activate our hearts to find those great passions, then we will forget who we are and we will completely quench with free wanderings.

We forget that there is a clear manual that connects us and promises us eternal life. That there IS an intelligence beyond our understanding that challenges us, repairs us, loves us and consents each day with surprises.

We forget that days can be cute and happy if with our heart we look at each other as if we were ourselves, with compassion, with kindness, no skills, no hatred.

If we truly let ourselves spread more through these magnets of optimism and empathy, we could remove the mentions of pain and will reactivate the memory and delivery we had once for the Divinity.

If we truly think of a list of forgotten details we could be ordering the existence. If we indeed do, we would be free souls and a complete unity of harmony and love.

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Conference of cows

Conference of cows

We drove through there, in a green place of Costa Rica. We were enjoying great heat and light of that national environment…

The car had to back down, we could not ignore that detail that was so penetrating to the eyes: a conference of cows.

So it seemed. But what they were talking about? They had serene looks, relaxed, but at the same time a line of complicity with tones of concern loomed over them.

Could it be that the comments were about humans? Were they enjoying life? Were they resting and telling stories?

What was behind their skins, between their eyes and the animal silence? How important objective were they facing?

Perhaps some were thinking and ignoring others? Were they doing a kind of meditation?

Did they notice our looks and questions? Did we connect and exchange ideas?

Many questions were diluted into our car, and gradually the memories of that dust came from which all of us come… Life! So interesting and mysterious!

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Fractal experience

Picture: Freepik

Picture: Freepik

In my mind I had a vague notion of the term fractal. I knew that it explained the existence of the Universe, and therefore, of all of us.

Still, I had not stopped to think beyond its generality, only that it gave balance and harmony. Then I saw something that caught my attention more to explore and participate in its practical concept.

I went to a talk with a friend called “Fractal Music”. Yes! I knew it had much to do with waves swaying from here and there, giving musicality to this infinite Universe.

But… what’s it all about? What is a fractal? How does this apply to music, writing, finance, architecture, medicine?

A fractal, according to the Royal Spanish Academy is an “iterative structure with the property that its appearance and distribution statistics do not change whatever the scale in which it is observed”.

In simple words, it is, an object or figure, which may be flat or space, but its appearance is the same, regardless of the scale used. Its metric fractal dimension, as it is called, is a non-integer.

Fractals can be created by individuals or can already be found in nature, such as flowers, snails, galaxies, or art.

In fact we are full of fractals, and in every decision we make, they appear. It is pure science that explains it. It is art that makes you feel. It is thought and feeling activated by our BEING in free action.

Fractals are different, beautiful, infinite. Producing contrasts, sounds, silences. For example, when we refer to FRACTAL MUSIC, we are talking about repetitive sounds generated with specific patterns.

“Fractals are based on Pythagorean mathematical premises, that is how we work and how life develops. Science begins when we ask. In fact it is to learn how to solve and to learn how to make harmonious, mathematical, scientific and melodic closures. There is no ugly, nor nice. There is only a SOLUTION”, I heard from Patricio Torres, Costa Rican musician and speaker of the talk.

Fractals achieve to create an harmonious composition, but using both directions: horizontal and vertical, complementary to avoid imbalance. That’s how we would come to promote the quality of thought and preparation.

For a long time we have been feeding of external things, without looking at the real purpose of growth, of the INTERNAL HEALTH.

Fractals are responsible for understanding the chaos, but are complex to define under classical concepts or methods.

They provide us with a new system, but in reality they have always existed, but only now it recovers its origins in front of obsolete systems.

We have not been arousing the BE or DO. We have stalled in the approach to belonging. It’s time to transmit our accented creations of the soul. Let’s discover and share our fractals!

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