Connecting in the cave

Connecting in the cave

Local stories of Tzfat, Israel

We met a young woman named Rachel. Her face and expression were full of light.

She took us for a walk, to have a meeting with the Creator.

We go up and up, enjoying the scenery. We breathe the air like home, so alive.

Citadel, that’s how Tzfat is called… Is the stage for the real magic. Everything communicates, everything has allegory.

After waking up our eyes painted with words, we come down, down and down by the same path.

We went into a cave, but it was already very dark. There with the echo of our breathing we raise our love.

Rachel began singing in Hebrew. A voice of that makes our silence be transported with letters to the citadel.

Rachel used a spotlight. On one side was the flag of the Messiah and on the other side was a crown with the name of the Messiah in Hebrew (משיח)… Beside the Crown, it said: ESTHER…

Author: Christy
My Citadel News


Storytelling from the soul

Storytelling from the soul

Local stories of Tzfat, Israel

Change of scene. Four souls were sitting at a table with another Rabbi.

We had coffee in our hands and we were surrounded by stone walls. It was a cozy corner, something like a cellar.

— Let’s start. Imagine you are walking through a forest and encounter an unknown and mysterious person… You have many doubts. What is the most important thing you would ask? That which is in the depths of your hearts…

— We want to know more about the Book of Splendor (Zohar).

That’s how the Rabbi began to tell a lot. A complete expert in storytelling.

There were many topics on the table and we were captivated by the grandeur of a Creator, for whom it is not enough to use the most sophisticated adjective to describe his power.

Tzfat, a cradle of artists. Passionate people who connect with the spiritual in a transcendental form.

We listened to his words. That reality we thought was real… was disappearing… This is the Zohar. Very complex to explain or understand… Just feel… that all vibrates… Perfection.

— I suppose you have more questions?

— Yes! What is the relationship between Esther, the Zohar and Bereshit (Genesis)?

— I don’t have time. If you want to know more, you should come tomorrow.

— We will do it. We need to know more about it.

By the way, the chairs we were sitting on said: Keter (Crown in Hebrew).

Author: Christy
My Citadel News


The white-bearded man

The white-bearded man

Local stories of Tzfat, Israel

We got up. Eager, we were carried away by tracks and explanations. Monday wasn´t as colorful but Tuesday was full of action.

We went to explore, to walk, to observe and to smell. The word hasn´t yet arrived to our dawn… until… we saw a man with a wise look.

Are we going and asked him? Or not? We decided. We arrived and began the interview.

— Why are you in Tzfat?

— Why not? Here I can stabilize and connect. I live in Jerusalem, but I just ran away. There is fire and it could burn me.

Here I find peace. Did you know that there are four very spiritual places in Israel? Each represent an element:

1. Jerusalem: fire
2. Tzfat: air
3. Hebron: earth
4. Tiberias: water

In Jerusalem, the energy is very intense. Here everything is quieter. Purer. Calmer. Here I can connect more with the above.

Sometimes we have to flee to the fire power because we can go crazy… But at the same time all elements are needed…

So we kept talking and talking about this magical field that captivated our soul. Among many topics he recommended some sources to continue the search.

Author: Christy
My Citadel News