Who are we?

New media (Internet and social media) allow a new way to communicate and share information (images, words, sounds) through the creation, publication, distribution and consumption of content in innovative ways.

We are a virtual and physical place. We promote integral health, empathy and social relationships telling news with fantasy and happiness.

We are a space for social experimentation, production, interaction, spontaneity, participation, creation, welfare, promotion of integral health and more…

We are storytellers. Why we use letters and fantasy? Because LETTERS have the ability to CREATE and scientific studies show that if people read FANTASY, stress levels are considerably reduced.

Why News and why My Citadel? News, understood as the dissemination of content/new knowledge, or as defined by the Spanish Real Academy: “Notion or knowledge about a matter or issue”. My Citadel, understood as a mental and physical place for integral transformation.

We offer real content transformed into fantasy to keep the public informed without stress. We are a project of life that looks to change the world from each person. Our content reflects experiences that promote mental health. 

We make a trip that takes us back to childhood, exploring new solutions to our problems. Mind and body are one, but we have forgotten it, that´s why we start having problems to relate and communicate. The main reason of this project of life is to put them together as one. 

We offer people the opportunity to enjoy the content in any place or time, allowing the interaction with comments, creative participation, community formation, search of improvements in the inner world of each person, broadening horizons giving people the opportunity to write, paint, inform, educate, promote. 


Being the space where people can exploit their talents through fantasy as a creative process. Being a fun place to plan and create a project of life with integral services for the body, soul and mind.

More about My Citadel News

My Citadel News started as a blog of writings in 2010. Now it comes to life as a social enterprise and works in three specific areas using fantasy / fiction in combination of mental health:

A) Integral health: health promotion, especially mental health, with a positive, proactive and innovative perspective and creation of life projects.

B) Communication: entertainment, awareness, motivation and social support.

C) Empathy and social relationships: community building and social empowerment.

My Citadel News has a unique and integral approach for relational beings through fantasy / fiction and creatively contributes to the overall health of society. We write for delight. We create news in multiple styles. We share different scenarios including fantasy. We motivate and simultaneously open the eyes of those who do not see the details.

My Citadel News is an ambassador of its mission and seeks to position health as a human right, create projects of life and be an agent of change to bring empathy and collaborate with entertainment. People in countries like Holland, Israel, Colombia and Costa Rica have joined us.

We own the copyrights and intellectual property My Citadel News, its logo, published pictures and other creations. Check out our services.

You can also visit our Spanish website: Noticias Mi Ciudad. It is more complete.

Articles about My Citadel News

Here are some links about our presence in the Costa Rican media. Everything is in Spanish, but the image talks.

Buen Día, Teletica: With tales and fantasy, a young woman helps to improve your mental health

Repretel, Canal 6: “My Citadel News” book from the Costa Rican writer, Christy Petri

Crhoy.com: Mini festival of fantasy awaits for you in Cartago

La República: Tobosi will be filled with fantasy and empathy

La República: Join a literary adventure

RTN Noticias, Sinart Canal 13:  Good Deeds: My Citadel News

Vida FM: International Women’s Day

San José Volando: Latin American Contest “A place of fantasy and empathy”

Workana Part I: Article to Latin America: Successful case in Workana: Christy Petri 

Workana Part II: Article to Latin America: Successful case in Workana: Christy Petri

International Book Fair: Official presentation of “My Citadel News”

Fantasy book: My Citadel News

Before the mini-festival: Light Balloons with My Citadel News

Mini Festival: A Place of Fantasy and Empathy

International Good Deeds Day, 2014: A Day of Good Deeds

International Good Deeds Day, 2015: Urban Energy Party… between the sky and the city

International Good Deeds Day, 2016: Collective Consciousness

Vida FM: San Jose was flooded with goodness

National Congress for Innovation: First place winners in Creative and Cultural Industry

Champions of Innovation: Contest Award, Champions of Innovation

I Competition of Microstories: “THE BUNKER Z” from Diversidad Literaria, Spain: One of the chosen texts

News of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications: Champions of Innovation recognized contributions of the second generation of innovators


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