From the inside

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The reverence that matters, but from its practical term of valuable composition, which is felt and honored. Some say: “that buried virtue”… Oh if we could awaken it! The human warmth will begin to do its own thing.

The reverence protects, it is life and of course that gives us breathing. The trip starts to have sense. Channels of a fluid communication are opened, with great eloquence between.

Breathing well IS to speak well and IS having reverence… Yes! You are the reverence yourself, Creator of all.

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Great wonders


To study them or not…  It’s the simple fact of thinking about them. We are surprised by their great performance. They are our own representation. They contain files of each of our stages of life, which sometimes we have access to… and when we don’t… more advanced ways arrive at those unsearchable spaces we did not even know existed…

The brain and heart love each other, talk, challenge, wonder, doubt, they work together, as a metaphor and as matter. They are alive and are always seeking each other. They are electricity and magnetism, acquiescing dreams of one and many. They always undertake to walk into the light of life.

Beauty is inside both, with the great privilege of exploring… That is the manifestation of love to find and remove blockages, to find the best experiences to resurrect the BEING and the DOING of people: souls, humans. It is the desire to build each way to make a better internal city and then materialize it in this world… OUR GREAT CITY.

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Warm journey

Cálido trayecto

A windy and familiar awakening. No space for time, nor for the incongruent feelings of anxiety. Alone, with sounds and yellow from Above, with food and songs, with tea and joy on paper.

A windy and calm walk. The green responsible for relaxed footsteps. Spontaneous preparation of homemade dishes, very much from the heart. Conversations, anecdotes and laughter that can only be perceived on the first day of December and make it feel at home.


Mr. Coffee

It is not to because it’s Israel or the Mount of Olives, but we have to say: FOR NOW THIS WAS THE BEST COFFEE WE HAVE EVER DRUNK.

We were testing thousands of coffees everywhere, but this was special for us… We cannot forget that feeling. We cannot exactly describe it.

If only we could record those feelings to share. It was like creamy, more than delicious. Really we do not know its extreme composition, but we thank God for having it in our palate…

We hope to meet again soon with that creamy texture, not bitter, different, soft and full of FLAVOR which adheres to the rest of life. Something out of place…

It was coffee, just the coffee… Perfect measures that made it unique. We apologize for not being able to make a better description. Excuse us, but only after drinking it, we realized its graceful walk… and yet… we have not assimilated it.

Mr. Coffee! You have a very passionate, stylish and praised flavor. For sure you have another time to fill us with your risky strokes.

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Tallinn, Estonia. Personal travel

Tallinn, capital of Estonia… There is much to say, but the words that really matter are those EXPERIENCED in the flesh, so that others can also EXPERIENCE the reading.

The trips are particular and will always have a different emphasis when you glance at the stories of each “storyteller”… When you can also find some commonalities…

For us it was like entering into a fairytale… To enjoy details that changed the whole picture and challenged the heart… It was to enjoy every corner and human energies that smiled when they watched the sun color the town.

The local rain started when we got out of the cruise… but it stopped… without pressure… guiding us to this medieval place. This always has something that catches. We can imagine all the possibilities of a surreal sweetness in the midst of what others call reality…


And there are always elements that touch the heart (apart from the picturesque architecture), those moments of a great coffee with people you love. It was invaluable… And what about the color hats produced by the people? Definitely it was to feel a very clear representation of ourselves…

There was another magical space featured by the ALMONDS… Nutrients, antioxidants, control blood sugar, cholesterol lowering?… None of this went through our minds… We just wanted to live! We just wanted to enjoy everything!

We walked near a known place. There was a well-known little car in the area. It was like imagining a scene from a movie… Having tested these good and warm almonds, coverd with cinnamon… Now that was priceless! We could not go home without buying a little package to imagine again in Tallin at the return of our trip.

These moments are made up of small vibrations in the environment that weave those great moments together. Tallinn is the medieval city of the XIV-XVIII centuries, declared World Heritage… She still captivates every visitor who believes in the beauty of the stories, love, art… That same: HERITAGE…

Semillas de Estonia

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We were doing balance exercises, and on the first attempt, we lost balance. On a second attempt, too. On the third, more or less, but always we ended up on the floor. This happened with the fourth and fifth day of the week, the seventh day of that a bit strange month, of the year and the years, of the past and present very present, or present almost past…

What do we know! It was not easy. Gravity was not easy. You will not believe it, but seriously whenever we concentrated the eyes at one point to “focus”, we thought of gravity. We looked at the feet and legs, sometimes the face and we said: GRAVITY STAY! LEG, TAKE IT EASY! ARM, TAKE IT EASY! Stop making ugly faces. Push the floor. Sometimes it worked… but, what hot and heartbreak!

The point is that this EQUILIBRIUM happens in the same way with the speaking and listening. How many times we put it in the middle? That’s why everything is so divided and polarized, because we are not trying. Communication skills cannot be “practiced”.

There are no excuses for serious, inspirational, good, compassionate conversations, where we let the connection flow forever. There are no excuses! We just have to focus completely on the person, without distractions. Make a type of interview. Ask and show interest in the content. Nullify ourselves. Let it flow without control on subjects. Naturalness is the prettiest of being.

Disappointments, misunderstandings or clashes come just because we want to talk. Silence! That is the practice that we adopt in us. To listen more. Conversations are not promotional or control spaces, are learning spaces and interest on the other. Sometimes we will lose balance… but we continue practicing. GRAVITY, OBEY!

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Picture: Freepik Stretching cat

Picture: Freepik
Stretching cat

Those moments when we get closer to the letters, we touch the eloquent silences face to face.

After that, we are led to stretch at various levels, guided by the instructions of consciousness.

And trying to stretch, we also stretch the soul. It dilates to grow and alludes to our true purpose: to serve Him.

We don’t stretch as an act of routine, legalism or exaltation, but by the aroma that takes fly whenever we launch the look at the sky. That’s how we are restored.

Stretching is to think within the silence, with the contemplative mind of a non-palpable state but as real as ourselves.

It does not always hurt to stretch, but when it hurts we arrive to unexplored parts of the soul and this of course reaches the body. It’s ethereal air looking for refuge.

We remember that pain in our fragility… our reverence to the greatest of the great. We feel the incomparable Majesty.

Stretching brings us back to the original state in which the DNA sparkled. We come back to the jungle oxygen to share life with the same trees that are our mirror.

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